Words of Villainy: Gargoyles Season 1 Villain Quotes

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Disney’s Gargoyles is known for its unique villains, all of whom have fantastic lines. Here are some of the best villain quotes from Gargoyles Season 1.


“No, my friend, that’s not crazy. Questioning my sanity when I’m in ear shot, that’s crazy.” – Hakon, Awakening part 1


“Pay a man enough and he’ll walk barefoot into hell.” – David Xanatos, Awakening part 2


“The richer you are, the more enemies you have, and I am very rich.” – David Xanatos, Awakening part 2


“Goliath, you’re a fool. Then, you always were, weren’t you.” – Demona, Awakening part 5


“Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, wolves gotta hunt.” – Wolf, Thrill of the Hunt

disney-gargoyles-temptation-demona-brooklyn-image“They hold each other’s lives completely without worth. Do you really think they would accept us with open arms?” – Demona, Temptation


“Mr. Xanatos isn’t going to like this.” – Owen Burnett, Deadly Force


“‘What about Demona?’ Know her, I named her!” – Macbeth, Enter Macbeth


“Goliath’s time is over. I am the leader now.” – Demona, Long Way Til Morning


“I’d say I’ve still got the edge.” – David Xanatos, The Edge


“What David Xanatos wants, he gets. You haven’t got a clue! You’re so far behind him it’s pathetic. He told me to tell you. He doesn’t have to hide his plans from you. There’s not a thing you can do to stop him. He’s the most brilliant man on the face of the earth.” – Fox, Her Brother’s Keeper


“It’s alive, ALIIIVE!! I’ve always wanted to say that.” – David Xanatos, Reawakening

disney-gargoyles-reawakening-coldstone-image“Is that all there is for us? Mere survival?” – Coldstone, Reawakening

But wait!

Stay tuned, because starting in October, we’ll be reviewing every Gargoyle episode. Of course we’ll be focusing on the villains!

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