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We want YOU to be a HERO!


Ready for a change?

After much thought and research, we’ve decided to change our name to HRO Research, which stands for Heroic Respectable Objectives Research. This will reflect our shift toward focusing on heroes rather than villain/antagonists. Heroes exhibit virtues that are noble and admirable. Where a villain will find the most effective route, the hero will take the most upstanding path, even if it kills them.

Who wants to be like a villain, anyway? They’re the bad guys and always get their rears kicked. Heroes are the good guys, the cool ones, and they always win. You want to be a winner, right?


So, how’s your April 1st going? Been pranked yet? Hmm?


hero sandwich

We all know the only good hero is a sandwich. (Gluten free, please)

Lead researcher at Villainous Life Natures Research. Writer, reader, snarker. Lover of all things Geek and Dark. INTJ.
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I write fiction because the characters in my head have too much attitude to stay in my skull, I want to see the world through different eyes, and I want to live life through different souls.

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