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Avalon on the Horizon – Or, it’s the Avalon World Tour story arc and I’m not thrilled

Hey, crew, after The Price, we’ll have sailed through 33 episodes of Gargoyles! That’s impressive. I’d like to thank everybody who’s read, and a double thanks to commenters. It’s been a wild ride!

Here’s the deal: We’re slam-bang in the middle of the series. The next story arc is the Avalon World Tour saga. Basically, Goliath, Elisa, Bronx, and a new character, a female gargoyle named Angela, take a magical skiff from the magical fey island Avalon on a magical tour of the world. Avalon transports them to various places around the globe to deal with certain problems. We meet new antagonists, learn more about the secrets of the Gargoyle-verse, and move the plot of the whole series forward.

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Understanding the Demon’s Head, Ra’s Al Ghul

ras al ghul comic cover batman

We wrap up independence/dystopia month with a look at one of the villain greats: Ra’s al Ghul. He’s one of my favorite Batman villains, and not just because he can keep the Dark Knight shirtless for long periods. His intellect, skills, and longevity make him one of the most independent villains around. He manipulates people and circumstances to suit his ends. He runs his own secret society. He’s practically immortal. He goes toe to toe with the Batman. Why? All to free nature from man’s destruction and to free man from its addiction to technology.

But what really makes him independent? What makes anyone independent? Hint: it’s not unlimited data or mounds of money, though Ra’s has both.

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Quit Like a Pro: 14 Signs You Should Ditch Your Job – With Albert Wesker

quit with Albert Wesker of Resident Evil

How many times a day do you use profanity, either in your head or aloud, regarding your job? How many times do you threaten to quit per day? While the last day at a job is the best day ever, you have to know when that day should come.
Today Albert Wesker, the most successful villain from Resident Evil, is going to help us know if and when to quit. He’s an expert at checking out just before the self destruct sequence initiates.

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Understanding Albert Wesker: How he can help us succeed in life – (Part 2)

Umbrella Chronicles Resident Evil Albert Wesker image

You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone – villain or otherwise – cooler, calmer, and more calculating than Albert Wesker. He’s always the Man with the Plan, able to snatch a victory out of devastation. To understand how Wesker can help us succeed in life, we have to understand Wesker. And in understanding him, we might just understand ourselves better.

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Understanding Albert Wesker: How he can help us succeed in life – (Part 1)

Albert Wesker Resident Evil 5 shades on red eyes

Albert Wesker is arguably the most tenacious, formidable, and cunning villain of the Resident Evil franchise. To get the most success lessons out of his story, we have to first know the story.

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Villain Matrix Stats: Albert Wesker – Resident Evil 0-5, Umbrella Chronicles

Albert Wesker Villain Matrix stats

Of all the enemies that stalk the world of Resident Evil, Albert Wesker is the apex predator. Cool, ambitious, and brilliant, he would be a formidable opponent even if he was a 100% normal human. See how he scores on the Villain Matrix.

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Villainous opportunism: How to take advantage of every opportunity, Albert Wesker-style

villainous opportunism Albert Wesker style

Opportunities are all around, but most of us miss them because they’re disguised as obstacles, complaints, and plain old hard work. The people we consider successes know how to spot opportunities; they can turn challenges into chances. Opportunity may knock, but you’re better off doing cold calls on opportunity instead of waiting for it to visit you.
To help us we’ll have Albert Wesker, arguably the best villain of the Resident Evil franchise, and an opportunist of the highest caliber.

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