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Gargoyles: The Gathering Part 2 – Episode Review Continued

House Xanatos makes a valiant effort to defeat Oberon and save newborn Alexander Fox Xanatos, but they’re no match for the Lord of the Fey. Not even the gargoyles can defeat him. But there’s one nuisance left for the Lord: The Puck. And he’s got an amazing story to tell. Will the trickster’s tale sway Oberon, or will the he insist on taking Alex back to Avalon to be trained in his mystical heritage?

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Gargoyles: Ill Met by Moonlight – Episode Review

Goliath and Co return to Avalon, but so does another party: The Weird Sisters and the rulers of Avalon. Lord Oberon and Queen Titania have returned after their 1001-year exile. The fey are none too thrilled to see mortals all over the island. But Titania proposes a contest of sorts to decide the gargoyles’ and humans’ fate: Goliath, Gabriel, and Angela will battle Lord Oberon. If Oberon wins, she will again become his wife. To make it fair, Titania decreases his magical power to that of one of his Children. But as the gargoyles are about to find out, he’s still frighteningly powerful. How can mortals who lack any magic possibly stand up to the Lord of Avalon? And what is Titania up to?

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