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Gargoyles: The Gathering Part 2 – Episode Review

House Xanatos’s forces are drawn to hold Oberon at bay, but will the force field Owen designed be enough to keep the Lord of the Fey from taking young Alexander Fox Xanatos from his parents? Goliath rallies the clan to lend their support, despite their rough history with Xanatos and Fox. Even Renard is on board to help his grandson, putting his hatred of his son-in-law aside. But Oberon is big enough to handle their challenge. Or is he?

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Gargoyles: The Gathering – Episode Review

The Gathering has begun; the fey, Oberon’s Children, are returning to Avalon to pay homage to Lord Oberon. But one is missing: The Puck. Taking this personally, Oberon goes to hunt down the trickster. Meanwhile, another family reunion is taking place. The reason for this gathering? Alexander Fox Xanatos, son of David and Fox, has been born. But all is not as it seems. An uninvited guest will bring startling revelations about Alex’s heritage.

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Gargoyles: The Green – Episode Review

It’s Captain Planet meets Gargoyles! Sort of. There are no rings that summon a green defender of the Earth. There is, however, a magical artifact that bestows the ability to stay awake during the day to the gargoyles. (We humans have a similar invention: caffeine.) Irreplaceable rain-forest plants are in danger from corporate America’s greed, and only a small band of native gargoyles stands between them and extinction. Jackal and Hyena have signed on as contract killers, eager to hunt down the gargoyles. Can Goliath, Angela, Elisa, and Bronx make a difference?

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Better Call Saul: Gargoyles Edition

GregXB commented on the Golem post that Halcyon Renard is very similar to Charles “Chuck” McGill from Better Call Saul. Well, that kicked off a Twitter convo comparing Gargoyles characters to BCS characters.

Just for fun, I bring you our ideas for Better Call Gargoyles.

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Gargoyles: Golem – Episode Review

What’s the best way to protect a city from organized crime? Setting a giant stone golem that has the strength of Hulk on them. What’s the best way to keep living when you have a degenerative medical condition? Putting your

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Gargoyles: Outfoxed – Episode Review Continued

Fox’s plan to take over Cyberbiotics by infecting its robots and crashing the Air Ship Fortress II into the Cyberbiotics tower is coming along. Renard the company’s CEO, and Goliath, race to shut down the robots and regain control of the ship. Meanwhile, Vogel threatens to activate the ship’s self destruct mechanism. Why is Fox so interested in Cyberbiotics? And what’s the secret she’s keeping? One thing’s for certain: House Xanatos will never be the same after this.

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Gargoyles: Outfoxed – Episode Review

Cyberbiotics is again in House Xanatos’s sights. But this time it’s Fox, not David Xanatos, who is plotting. Unlike her husband, who only wanted a piece of their technology breakthroughs, Fox wants the whole company. After the gargoyle attacks on Cyberbiotics’s facilities last year, the company is struggling. Their new research station, Airship Fortress II, is manned by only robots, and the company’s CEO and aide. Not only is it their flagship, it’s also their Achilles heel. Knowing this, Goliath tries to act as escort, but no good deed goes unpunished. Will he end up unwittingly helping Fox?

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