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Behold Darkness released today!

If you enjoy my snarky style here on VLN Research, check out my new book! The main characters have more than a passing resemblance to my favorite Gargoyles boys, Xanatos and Owen.

Terrorists in San Francisco unleash a plague that turns people into mindless cannibals. Can two antiheroes outwit the attack’s mastermind? Find out for only $0.99! Action, zombies, gore, and intrigue, all for less than a PSL.

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Better Call Saul: Gargoyles Edition

GregXB commented on the Golem post that Halcyon Renard is very similar to Charles “Chuck” McGill from Better Call Saul. Well, that kicked off a Twitter convo comparing Gargoyles characters to BCS characters.

Just for fun, I bring you our ideas for Better Call Gargoyles.

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Relevant to your interests: Link List

Two things to entertain you this Friday: Links and antagonist humor!

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Gargoyles: Kingdom – Episode Review Continued

Disney Gargoyles logo with Goliath kingdom cont

While the clan investigates Goliath and Elisa’s disappearance, Fang has co-opted Claw and a few human thugs to help him take over the Labyrinth below the city. The residents are vagrants who can’t stop the uprising. While Talon could probably handle the other two Mutates, this time is different: they have laser rifles. When they take Talon captive, it’s up to the clan to intervene. Will Fang rise to power, or will he be broken?

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Gargoyles: Kingdom – Episode Review

Disney Gargoyles logo with Goliath kingdom

While Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx are on their world tour, the rest of the clan is stuck in NYC. They haven’t heard from Elisa or their leader in several days. They ask their friends, then branch out to their enemies. But neither – including Xanatos, who finds the disappearance quite interesting – know where the gargoyles or detective went. Brooklyn finds his leadership skills tested in Goliath’s absence. Meanwhile, insurrection is brewing in the Labyrinth, the home of the Mutates: Fang wants to be boss.

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Gargoyles: Avalon Part 3 – Episode Review

Three hours remain before the sun rises and the day of vengeance begins for the Archmage. Goliath, Angela, and Gabriel set off to face the Archmage, while Elisa and Magus venture into the Hollow Hill in search of the Sleeping King. The protagonists are up against some stiff competition from the villains. But will a new player in the game turn the tide? Hint: his best friend was Merlin. This is no time for our villains to get complacent, even if it seems they’ve won the day.

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Gargoyles: The Price – Episode Review Continued

While Macbeth distracts the clan from what they think is an ensorcelled statue of Hudson, the real Hudson is verbally sparring with Xanatos from behind electrified bars. Xanatos is using the magical Cauldron of Life to cook up a brew, which includes a piece of stone skin from a gargoyle, that will grant immortality. Hudson argues that immortality has a high price, one that Macbeth and Demona are paying. Xanatos knows that death and old age have a price as well, and it’s too expensive. In the end, his desire for immortality will cause an unlikely person to pay a high price.

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Gargoyles: The Price – Episode Review

Macbeth is back, and he’s on the hunt for trophies. Specifically, gargoyles. When his magic keeps Hudson from awakening from his stone sleep at sunset, the clan is left to find a solution. But it’s all a distraction for the real action: Xanatos has kidnapped Hudson. David wants Hudson’s skin. Why? It’s an ingredient in a magic brew that, according to the legend, will make whoever bathes in it “live as long as the mountain’s stones.” After all, what good are all the riches in the world – which Xanatos essentially has – if you die?

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Avalon on the Horizon – Or, it’s the Avalon World Tour story arc and I’m not thrilled

Hey, crew, after The Price, we’ll have sailed through 33 episodes of Gargoyles! That’s impressive. I’d like to thank everybody who’s read, and a double thanks to commenters. It’s been a wild ride!

Here’s the deal: We’re slam-bang in the middle of the series. The next story arc is the Avalon World Tour saga. Basically, Goliath, Elisa, Bronx, and a new character, a female gargoyle named Angela, take a magical skiff from the magical fey island Avalon on a magical tour of the world. Avalon transports them to various places around the globe to deal with certain problems. We meet new antagonists, learn more about the secrets of the Gargoyle-verse, and move the plot of the whole series forward.

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Gargoyles: The Cage – Episode Review Continued

When Dr Anton Sevarius, creator of the mutates, is kidnapped, everyone suspects the mutate leader Talon. And for good reason: Sevarius turned him into a winged panther against his will. Kidnapping the doctor might bring about a cure. But things aren’t what they seem. Circumstances can tempt even heroes into acting like villains. Will this tear the Maza family and the clan apart?

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