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Gargoyles: The Hound of Ulster- Episode Review

The Banshee’s keening is an omen of death, but what’s worse than dying? Living a wasted life. Rory Dugan is doing just that. The blood of heroes runs in his veins, but all he’s doing is running from the cops. That’s before he meets the Hound of Ulster. Well, it’s really Bronx looking for someone to rescue Goliath, Elisa, and Angela, who are trapped in a stone room. The Banshee is behind their capture. Will Bronx and Rory be able to defeat the fey and rescue our protags?

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Gargoyles: Heritage – Episode Review

An ancient struggle rages on a remote island off the Pacific coast of Canada. The old ways that once kept the land fertile are falling by the wayside in the face of science. But the dark forces that seek to take over the island didn’t get the memo about the power of SCIENCE. As long as the people’s chief refuses to take a stand against the enemy, the land will suffer. Avalon sends Elisa and the gargoyles to straightened out the mess, but when they become separated, they find themselves on opposite sides of the struggle. What’s more, it involves another gargoyle clan – or what remains of it after the humans destroyed them. Or did they? There’s a trickster at work here…

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