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Happy Halloween 2017!

Disney Gargoyles - Eye of the Beholder - elisa and goliath dance halloween belle

While you’re munching on all that pancreas-destroying high fructose corn syrup, sit back and read my Eye of the Beholder review from a few months ago. It’s one of my fave eps, and the only Gargoyles Halloween episode.

Oh, and read my Halloween post from last year.

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Gargoyles: Eye of the Beholder – Episode Review

Happy Valentines, and an early Happy Halloween! Welcome to one of my all-time favorite episodes, Eye of the Beholder. In this episode, David Xanatos proposes to Fox, who agrees. They seal the deal with the Eye of Odin. It’s no coincidence that right after, werefox sightings appear ar0und the city. Elisa meets the creature face to hairy face. But it’s up to Xanatos and Owen to save Fox before the eye destroys her. She’s not too hot on the idea, though. Or rather, Were!Fox isn’t.

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Halloween: Horror or Holiday?

jack o lantern pumpkin halloween

Happy Halloween! Ever wondered about the origins and significance of Halloween? Is it, as some people claim, a celebration of demons, devils, and darkness that rivals even the depravity of Dungeons & Dragons? Grab your favorite villain costume and a

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