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Gargoyles: Future Tense – Episode Review

Goliath, Elisa, Angela, and Bronx finally reach NYC again. But it’s not what they remember. It’s 40 years in the future, and this Big Apple is rotten to the core. The source? Xanatos’s Eyrie Building, which has expanded to cover the city. Manhattan is a sovereign nation with House Xanatos on its throne. This isn’t a utopia, though, it’s a dystopia. And Xanatos has plans to spread his glorious order across the globe. However, the resistance is doing its best to fight back. Will their efforts and their “secret weapon” be enough to defeat an apparently immortal Xanatos and his armies of Mutates and cloned gargoyles?

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Gargoyles: Walkabout – Episode Review

If you had the power to reshape the world to your desire, would you use it? Caveat: it could easily destroy the world instead. And you don’t get a spaceship. Fox has the power – or believes she does. Enter the Matrix. No, not the idyllic world of a dystopian future. I mean the flood of metallic silver goo that will cover the globe if it goes uncontrolled. And…it just got loose. It’s up to Dingo and Goliath to settle their differences and work together to save Earth.

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Better Call Saul: Gargoyles Edition

GregXB commented on the Golem post that Halcyon Renard is very similar to Charles “Chuck” McGill from Better Call Saul. Well, that kicked off a Twitter convo comparing Gargoyles characters to BCS characters.

Just for fun, I bring you our ideas for Better Call Gargoyles.

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Gargoyles: Upgrade – Episode Review Continued

The Pack is back, and they’re sicker than ever. Wolf is a wolfman, Hyena and Jackal have cybernetic enhancements – or mutilations, rather – and Dingo is in armor. Coyote is the alpha, and he’s not playing around. Who is playing? David Xanatos and Fox. Their chess game will decide the fate of the Pack and the clan. Will the Trio be able to rescue Hudson, Goliath, Elisa and Bronx before it’s too late? The role of second in command also hinges on how the Trio handles this.

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Gargoyles: Upgrade – Episode Review

There’s one word for the pack: INSANE. They’re full-on criminals now, but that doesn’t keep the clan from pummeling them. They’re tired of the gargoyles beating them within an inch of their lives, though. Luckily, Coyote, Xanatos’s robot body double, appears. Well, his head does, since that’s all that’s left of him. He’s here to introduce a new line of Xanatos Enterprises products: Cybernetics, robotics, genetics, and armor! The Pack buys in. Now squicky, horrifying, and sobering are three words that describe the Pack.

Behind all this is David Xanatos. Fox plays a role too: his opponent in a chess game. There’s more to the competition than spousal bonding, namely the fate of the clan and the Pack.

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Gargoyles: Outfoxed – Episode Review Continued

Fox’s plan to take over Cyberbiotics by infecting its robots and crashing the Air Ship Fortress II into the Cyberbiotics tower is coming along. Renard the company’s CEO, and Goliath, race to shut down the robots and regain control of the ship. Meanwhile, Vogel threatens to activate the ship’s self destruct mechanism. Why is Fox so interested in Cyberbiotics? And what’s the secret she’s keeping? One thing’s for certain: House Xanatos will never be the same after this.

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Gargoyles: Outfoxed – Episode Review

Cyberbiotics is again in House Xanatos’s sights. But this time it’s Fox, not David Xanatos, who is plotting. Unlike her husband, who only wanted a piece of their technology breakthroughs, Fox wants the whole company. After the gargoyle attacks on Cyberbiotics’s facilities last year, the company is struggling. Their new research station, Airship Fortress II, is manned by only robots, and the company’s CEO and aide. Not only is it their flagship, it’s also their Achilles heel. Knowing this, Goliath tries to act as escort, but no good deed goes unpunished. Will he end up unwittingly helping Fox?

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Gargoyles: City of Stone part 2 – Episode Review

It’s up to David Xanatos to save himself and Fox , who’s now a statue, from becoming charcoal in a chopper crash. But his troubles are just beginning: Demona’s spell turned (almost) the entire population of New York City to stone. The gargoyles are in the same boat, with Elisa turned to stone. They find help from an unlikely source. Meanwhile, Demona roams through the city, blasting people to dust with her laser rifle. Macbeth is also on the hunt. He’s remembering how this all began for him and how it ended for the Hunter. This is only part 2 of 4, so the action is just heating up! Xanatos and Demona will face off, as will Demona and Macbeth. To make things even more interesting, three fae are nudging events to benefit themselves.

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Gargoyles: City of Stone part 1 – Episode Review Continued

Demona’s history continues to unfold. It’s going to tangle with a youth’s; his name is Macbeth of Clan Moray. A man who Demona considered no better than an animal will bring them together – with his sword. He’s the Hunter, and he’s come to assassinate the High Steward of Clan Moray – Macbeth’s father. While the masked man may appear to be doing it just for fun, he’s actually acting at the behest of royalty.

Back in the present, Xanatos, Fox, and Owen are about to see what Demona’s spell really does. Hint: it’s nothing like Demona promised, and it may cost all of them their lives.

Read part 1 of City of Stone part 1’s episode review.

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Gargoyles: Vows – Episode Review Continued

David Xanatos and Fox have sworn their Vows. Now they and David’s surly father Petros are in 975AD Scotland, courtesy of the Phoenix Gate. David and Fox aren’t on honeymoon yet. No, they’re here to guarantee Xanatos’s past, present, and future with the help of a coin and the Illuminati Society.

Demona and Goliath are abroad as well. Unlike Xanatos, Demona wants to rewrite her history. Her younger self offers the chance to avoid the mistakes of youth. Namely, letting the humans betray her and destroy Clan Wyvern. Never mind that she was a betrayer too. We’re about to learn how time travel works in the Gargoyles Universe. Hint: this ain’t Star Trek.

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