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Gargoyles: The Reckoning – Episode Review

If you can’t kill your enemy, what do you do with them? Put them in jail, right? What if you don’t have one? A jail, that is. Or laws, a judge, or a jury. You get your buddies to help you watch them. Yes, it cuts in on your social life, but it’s better than the alternative. The clan has captured Demona, and is guarding her in the Labyrinth. But this might be just what she wants.

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Gargoyles: Turf – Episode Review

Disney Gargoyles logo with Goliath turf

Thomas Brod is muscling in on Tony Dracon’s turf, but the cops are already aware. Elisa will undertake a dangerous undercover mission to get evidence on Brod. And Dracon, while she’s at it. Being in prison hasn’t slowed down his

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Gargoyles Original Show Pitch

I know we’ve all seen this, but since we’re approaching the end of the series, I thought it would be good to see how far we’ve come. Gargoyles was originally a comedy, but Disney didn’t like the idea. It was a good call, for once. So back to the drawing board Greg went. This pitch is somewhere between comedy and our Gargoyles.

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Gargoyles: The Gathering – Episode Review Continued

Titania, Queen of Avalon and of the Third Race, thinks it would be best if her grandson came to Avalon to develop his magical powers. Great, except he wouldn’t see his parents again. Oh, and he’s not even a day old. Using the hour of amnesty Lord Oberon grants House Xanatos, the humans prepare to fight the fey. Owen has already installed a state-of-the-art force field and security system, but will it be enough? Xanatos will have to test it alone, though, because Owen is deserting.

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Gargoyles: Future Tense – Episode Review Continued

After Xanatos murders his son, the rebels have one option: attack the Eyrie Pyramid directly. But the price for their resistance is high. Goliath enters virtual reality to battle Xanatos, who is not the man we know. However, it’s soon apparent that Xanatos has absolute power in this realm. Is Goliath in over his head, or can he pull himself together and defeat Xanatos? Even if he does, will it save the future?

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Gargoyles: Future Tense – Episode Review

Goliath, Elisa, Angela, and Bronx finally reach NYC again. But it’s not what they remember. It’s 40 years in the future, and this Big Apple is rotten to the core. The source? Xanatos’s Eyrie Building, which has expanded to cover the city. Manhattan is a sovereign nation with House Xanatos on its throne. This isn’t a utopia, though, it’s a dystopia. And Xanatos has plans to spread his glorious order across the globe. However, the resistance is doing its best to fight back. Will their efforts and their “secret weapon” be enough to defeat an apparently immortal Xanatos and his armies of Mutates and cloned gargoyles?

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Gargoyles: Ill Met by Moonlight – Episode Review

Goliath and Co return to Avalon, but so does another party: The Weird Sisters and the rulers of Avalon. Lord Oberon and Queen Titania have returned after their 1001-year exile. The fey are none too thrilled to see mortals all over the island. But Titania proposes a contest of sorts to decide the gargoyles’ and humans’ fate: Goliath, Gabriel, and Angela will battle Lord Oberon. If Oberon wins, she will again become his wife. To make it fair, Titania decreases his magical power to that of one of his Children. But as the gargoyles are about to find out, he’s still frighteningly powerful. How can mortals who lack any magic possibly stand up to the Lord of Avalon? And what is Titania up to?

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Gargoyles: Cloud Fathers – Episode Review Continued

David Xanatos threatens to destroy an Indian sand carving, but it’s really an elaborate trap for the trickster Coyote, a fey. Why? Immortality, of course. Ignoring previous setbacks in this goal (turning the city to stone, turning his right-hand man’s left hand to stone…), he forges on. Besides facing Xanatos, Goliath and Co will also have to fight the new and improved robot Coyote 4.o. Its magic-imbued iron claws are the least of their worries, though. With all his advantages, will Xanatos finally achieve immortality?

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Gargoyles: Cloud Fathers – Episode Review

It’s Xanatos vs the Maza family today. Rather, they’re sticking their noses in his business again and reaping the consequences. But what is his business? Supposedly he’s about to wipe out an Indian sand carving. But why? Wouldn’t you like to know.

There are plenty of mysteries in this ep: a tornado with a coyote’s face tosses Xanatos Construction’s ‘dozers, a security guard looks exactly like a young Peter Maza, Xanatos hunts said security guard… There’s more at play and at stake than meets the eye.

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Gargoyles: Bushido – Episode Review

Manhattan isn’t the only city with a gargoyles clan guarding it. And the Manhattan Clan aren’t the only gargoyles having issues with a businessman who’s taken an interest in them. In a small town in Japan, theme-park developer Taro is obsessed with making a gargoyles-based Disneyland – whether the gargoyles want to be part of it or not. While one of the clan likes the idea, the rest aren’t so thrilled. How will Goliath and Co’s arrival change the situation?

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