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Gargoyles: Protection – Episode Review Continued

Elisa Maza is cutting in on Tony Dracon’s protection racket. But it’s all part of a sting by the police. That doesn’t make it any less dangerous for Elisa. It’s a good thing she’s got her own muscle: Goliath and Broadway. They’re more than strong enough to take out the gangsters. But are they aware Elisa is on a police mission, or do they truly want to work with Dracon and Co? Money and power are tempting for gargoyles too. Demona and Thailog have proven that. The appeal of being an antagonist is strong!

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Gargoyles: Protection – Episode Review

Tony Dracon is the top dog in NYC’s organized crime scene. His protection rackets are second to none, and nobody muscles in on his territory. Until now. Word on the street is there’s a corrupt cop who wants a piece of the action. Who is this dirty cop? None other than Detective Elisa Maza. Besides threatening innocent bar owners, she’s also neglecting her relationship with Goliath. The clan senses a disturbance in the Force. Dracon’s about to find out what real strong-arming is, courtesy of Goliath and Broadway.

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Gargoyles: The Silver Falcon – Episode Review Continued

Matt Bluestone’s life hangs in the balance, and only Elisa and Broadway can help. Dracon is a ruthless gangster and won’t hesitate to kill the detective if it helps find the Dracon family jewels. But old Mace Malone isn’t giving up the location so easily. His notes offer only mockery and riddles. Is Elisa and Broadway’s new partnership strong enough to save Matt? Will Dracon ever get the jewels?

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Gargoyles: The Silver Falcon – Episode Review

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Gangsters, stolen jewels, and a kidnapped detective. This is Gargoyles’s nod to film noir, starring Broadway and Elisa. Dracon is out of prison and back in business. He’s looking for the family jewels – the literal ones. To make things more interesting, Matt Bluestone ends up in the gang’s hands. He knows too much. His friend from the FBI knows even more, though. I’m talking Illuminati-level knowledge. That’s right, there’s even a secret society in this ep!

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Gargoyles: Deadly Force – Episode Review


After battling Demona’s spells last week, we’re into mundane territory today. Don’t think we’re getting a break, though. The third episode of the Trio’s triptych belongs to Broadway. We meet a new antagonist and see just how manipulative one of our favorite antags can be. Not all the protags’ trouble come from villains, though. Elisa fights for her life thanks to Broadway’s mistake. Will he to step up and take responsibility for his actions, or let the new antagonist take the blame?

This is a unique episode, one that Toon Disney actually banned!

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