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Gargoyles: Shadows of the Past – Episode Review Continued

In the caves below Castle Wyvern’s ancient site lies ancient, powerful magic. The ghosts of Hakon and the Captain of the Guard are hellbent on using that magic to resurrect themselves. All they need is life-force to steal, and they’ll be back to their old selves. Who better to leach life from than Goliath? The men have hated him for 1000 years because they blame him for their deaths. Will Goliath be able to resist their illusions? He’ll have to act fast; if he doesn’t, he’ll be a ghost instead.

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Gargoyles: Shadows of the Past – Episode Review

When Avalon sends the skiff – and Goliath, Elisa, Angela, and Bronx – to the original site of Castle Wyvern in Scotland, Goliath is excited. He wants to show off his old home. But a storm is brewing, and not just the thunder-and-lightning kind. Strange things are happening; Goliath is hallucinating. Is it just old, painful memories surfacing, or are there other powers at work? This is the site of many deaths, after all, not the least of which are Hakon’s and the Captain of the Guard’s. Does the residue of this destruction and despair pollute the region? Maybe the locals have good reason to call the place haunted…

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Gargoyles: Double Jeopardy- Episode Review

Disney Gargoyles logo with Goliath double jeopardy

Goliath is laughing maniacally in the night and spending his days atop the Eryie Building’s tallest tower. Or is he? Sevarius betraying Xanatos by is paying off mercenaries to kidnap the stone Goliath from the castle. Or is he? Xanatos is going to have a new minion, one who will be loyal and obedient. Or is he? Things aren’t as they seem in this episode. When you play god, you often summon the devil.

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Gargoyles: City of Stone part 3 – Episode Review Continued

The Weird Sisters cast their spell on Demona and Macbeth. Now their fates are sealed. Allied, Demona and Macbeth clash with King Duncan in battle. In the present, Xanatos prepares to set the sky ablaze with the help of the gargoyles. While they’re away, though, an unexpected visitor sneaks into the Eyrie Building’s great hall. This trespasser could cost everyone their lives and doom the city to its stone sleep.

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Gargoyles: City of Stone part 2 – Episode Review Continued

Macbeth’s history unfolds, revealing the loss of his childhood sweetheart, Gruoch, to Gillecomgain, aka The Hunter. Gillecomgain grows too cocky for Duncan’s liking though, leading the prince to manipulate Macbeth into attacking him. Enter Demona. She also has a bone to break with the Hunter.

In the present, Xanatos arrives at Pack Media Studios just as Demona prepares to shatter stone Owen. Despite David’s skills, he’s no match for the 1000-year-old warrior, especially when she uses Owen as a human shield.

Who should come to Xanatos’s aid – accidentally – but an old acquaintance. He’s not a happy camper, and Demona is about to experience the brunt of his rage.

Did you miss the first half of the episode review? Read City of Stone part 2.

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Gargoyles: City of Stone part 2 – Episode Review

It’s up to David Xanatos to save himself and Fox , who’s now a statue, from becoming charcoal in a chopper crash. But his troubles are just beginning: Demona’s spell turned (almost) the entire population of New York City to stone. The gargoyles are in the same boat, with Elisa turned to stone. They find help from an unlikely source. Meanwhile, Demona roams through the city, blasting people to dust with her laser rifle. Macbeth is also on the hunt. He’s remembering how this all began for him and how it ended for the Hunter. This is only part 2 of 4, so the action is just heating up! Xanatos and Demona will face off, as will Demona and Macbeth. To make things even more interesting, three fae are nudging events to benefit themselves.

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Halloween: Horror or Holiday?

jack o lantern pumpkin halloween

Happy Halloween! Ever wondered about the origins and significance of Halloween? Is it, as some people claim, a celebration of demons, devils, and darkness that rivals even the depravity of Dungeons & Dragons? Grab your favorite villain costume and a

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Understanding the Demon’s Head, Ra’s Al Ghul

ras al ghul comic cover batman

We wrap up independence/dystopia month with a look at one of the villain greats: Ra’s al Ghul. He’s one of my favorite Batman villains, and not just because he can keep the Dark Knight shirtless for long periods. His intellect, skills, and longevity make him one of the most independent villains around. He manipulates people and circumstances to suit his ends. He runs his own secret society. He’s practically immortal. He goes toe to toe with the Batman. Why? All to free nature from man’s destruction and to free man from its addiction to technology.

But what really makes him independent? What makes anyone independent? Hint: it’s not unlimited data or mounds of money, though Ra’s has both.

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Dog Demons of Summer: InuYasha Villains

inuyasha group shot fanpop image

What would a demon-themed month be without looking at the fiercest demon villains? InuYasha’s villains break the mold when it comes to usual anime villains. They’re a serious challenge to the cocky, headstrong, immature hero InuYasha (means Dog Demon). Their role is to make him grow up into the half-demon his father would’ve wanted. Like all villains, they’re among the most interesting characters of the series! Ready to pay them a visit and see what they have to teach us?

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Sins of the fathers = demons of the villains

Darth Vader Star Wars image

It’s 2 days after Father’s Day, but that’s close enough to unleash the demons in the time-honored tradition of harping on dads! A theme among many villains and antagonist is “daddy issues.” Demons springing from the actions or inaction of a father drive the antagonist to A.) become the villain they are today or B.) become a worse villain.

That said, there are actually villains and antagonists who are very good fathers. We’ll look at both types of villains here.

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