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Gargoyles: Walkabout – Episode Review Continued

Where do you go when nanobots are about to sweep over the globe? If you’re Goliath and Dingo, you travel to the Dreamtime. Once there, it’s up to them to stop a hivemind that seeks to create perfect order out of Earth’s chaos. By that, it means wipe everything out. But how do you stop a being that can control the reality of the Dreamtime? It’ll take some quick thinking and even quicker talking to keep from turning into nanobot fuel.

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Gargoyles: Sanctuary – Episode Review Continued

Thailog and Demona have teamed up to take Macbeth’s wealth. The plan involves a marriage and a dungeon, and I’m not speaking figuratively. Macbeth hasn’t lived 1000 years just to end in a cell in his basement, though. His time to end it all has come! It’s up to the gargoyles and Elisa to stop Thailog and Demona’s plan, and save Macbeth from himself.

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Gargoyles: Sanctuary – Episode Review

The Weird Sisters free Demona and Macbeth from their spell, and helpfully wiped their memories when they left Avalon. We haven’t heard anything from the pair since they sailed Into the Mists. Now they’re back. And in love. That’s right, this is the episode where you will see Macbeth and Demona, sworn enemies, swear their love for one another, embrace, kiss, and even…wait for it…marry. But all is not as it seems. The monster of Notre Dame Cathedral is in town, and he and Demona are no strangers. It’s up to Elisa to figure out what is going on, since Goliath is fixated on Demona’s presence. Angela is about to discover a secret about her mother. And Macbeth will discover a secret about himself.

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Better Call Saul: Gargoyles Edition

GregXB commented on the Golem post that Halcyon Renard is very similar to Charles “Chuck” McGill from Better Call Saul. Well, that kicked off a Twitter convo comparing Gargoyles characters to BCS characters.

Just for fun, I bring you our ideas for Better Call Gargoyles.

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Gargoyles: Shadows of the Past – Episode Review Continued

In the caves below Castle Wyvern’s ancient site lies ancient, powerful magic. The ghosts of Hakon and the Captain of the Guard are hellbent on using that magic to resurrect themselves. All they need is life-force to steal, and they’ll be back to their old selves. Who better to leach life from than Goliath? The men have hated him for 1000 years because they blame him for their deaths. Will Goliath be able to resist their illusions? He’ll have to act fast; if he doesn’t, he’ll be a ghost instead.

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Gargoyles: Shadows of the Past – Episode Review

When Avalon sends the skiff – and Goliath, Elisa, Angela, and Bronx – to the original site of Castle Wyvern in Scotland, Goliath is excited. He wants to show off his old home. But a storm is brewing, and not just the thunder-and-lightning kind. Strange things are happening; Goliath is hallucinating. Is it just old, painful memories surfacing, or are there other powers at work? This is the site of many deaths, after all, not the least of which are Hakon’s and the Captain of the Guard’s. Does the residue of this destruction and despair pollute the region? Maybe the locals have good reason to call the place haunted…

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Gargoyles: Avalon Part 3 – Episode Review Continued

The villains have assembled their forces. So have the protagonists. King Arthur is on the gargoyles’ side, but he lacks Excalibur, his knights, and Merlin. Will his warrior skills hold true after 1000+ years of enchanted sleep? He’ll be facing Demona and Macbeth, warriors who have been honing their skills for those 1000+ years. The Weird Sisters are also going to battle; they’ll face Magus, who lost the Grimorum and his magic decades ago. To top things off, the Archmage will be using all the power of the Grimorum Arcanorum, Phoenix Gate, and Eye of Odin to fight Goliath. It’s going to take real skill on the antagonists’ part to lose this game.

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Gargoyles: Avalon Part 3 – Episode Review

Three hours remain before the sun rises and the day of vengeance begins for the Archmage. Goliath, Angela, and Gabriel set off to face the Archmage, while Elisa and Magus venture into the Hollow Hill in search of the Sleeping King. The protagonists are up against some stiff competition from the villains. But will a new player in the game turn the tide? Hint: his best friend was Merlin. This is no time for our villains to get complacent, even if it seems they’ve won the day.

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Gargoyles: Avalon Part 2 – Episode Review

Who says you can’t go back in time and save someone’s life? You can if it’s meant to be in the time stream. You can even save your own life! The Archmage pitched off a cliff in 984 AD, but thanks to magic and covering himself adequately regarding the time stream’s laws, he’s back and more powerful than ever in 1995. This episode is a mind bender! It’s also the setup for how and why the Archmage is terrorizing Avalon’s residents: Katherine, Magus, and 36 gargoyles. The mage wants ultimate power and revenge, and he won’t stop until he gets them.

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Avalon on the Horizon – Or, it’s the Avalon World Tour story arc and I’m not thrilled

Hey, crew, after The Price, we’ll have sailed through 33 episodes of Gargoyles! That’s impressive. I’d like to thank everybody who’s read, and a double thanks to commenters. It’s been a wild ride!

Here’s the deal: We’re slam-bang in the middle of the series. The next story arc is the Avalon World Tour saga. Basically, Goliath, Elisa, Bronx, and a new character, a female gargoyle named Angela, take a magical skiff from the magical fey island Avalon on a magical tour of the world. Avalon transports them to various places around the globe to deal with certain problems. We meet new antagonists, learn more about the secrets of the Gargoyle-verse, and move the plot of the whole series forward.

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