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Halloween: Horror or Holiday?

jack o lantern pumpkin halloween

Happy Halloween! Ever wondered about the origins and significance of Halloween? Is it, as some people claim, a celebration of demons, devils, and darkness that rivals even the depravity of Dungeons & Dragons? Grab your favorite villain costume and a

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Got a devil on your back? So do villains

the walking dead comic graphic novel the governor

We continue this month’s theme, Demons, with a look at the main types of demons as they relate to people’s pasts. There are two general focuses: internal and external.

Internally focused demons are probably more familiar than you like. They usually start with you saying, “If only I had [fill in word/deed here that supposedly would’ve saved the day].” This is Guilt, which grows into Self Loathing. It often turns into Depression.

The second type, external, starts with you saying, “If they had/hadn’t [fill in act that was necessary/unnecessary and that would’ve prevented the disaster that exploded later].” This is Blame, which grows into Hate. This often turns into Vengeance.

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Hero or Villain? It Starts with Demons


Happy June! It’s the beginning or summer, or as we call it in Slaughter Swamp, Hellscape Season. In honor of this blistering time of year, we have a suitably fiery theme: Demons. To quote Vicious, my favorite villain from Cowboy Bebop, “When angels are forced out of heaven, they become devils.”

Duality of natures, outcomes of choices, and the causes of strife are some of the issues we’ll look at this month. It might be influenced a bit by the two big name superhero movies dealing with civil wars and versus match ups… Hello, DC and Marvel!

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Disney Villains: Learning from the Seven Deadly Sins

Demona from Disney's Gargoyles

While villains have a lot of positive aspects, they also have a lot of flaws. Keeping with our theme of Disney villains this month, we’re going to look at the worst flaws of all, the Seven Deadly Sins. Guess who’s helping us? That’s right, seven guests you’ll recognize.

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Villainous opportunism: How to take advantage of every opportunity, Albert Wesker-style

villainous opportunism Albert Wesker style

Opportunities are all around, but most of us miss them because they’re disguised as obstacles, complaints, and plain old hard work. The people we consider successes know how to spot opportunities; they can turn challenges into chances. Opportunity may knock, but you’re better off doing cold calls on opportunity instead of waiting for it to visit you.
To help us we’ll have Albert Wesker, arguably the best villain of the Resident Evil franchise, and an opportunist of the highest caliber.

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Villains vs Antagonists: A field guide

villains vs antagonists image

There is a difference between Antagonists and Villains. Look closely: A villain is a character/person who does bad things. An antagonist is simply a person who opposes another person. Whether a character is an antagonist or not all depends on which end we’re reading the story from.

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Mission Statement and Manifesto – Villains Do Life Better

Everything I needed to know about life I learned from villains

Everything I needed to know about life I learned from villains and the darker side. “Villains” have always held a special fascination for me. The dark side is the smart, ambitious, wild side. If you’re nodding, you’ve found your haven. Or should I say secret lair in a volcano? But given how volcanoes like to erupt, we should stick to a secret underground bunker.

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