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Gargoyles: Grief – Episode Review Continued

What would you do if you had the power of life and death at your command? And unlike Light in Death Note, you are completely unaccountable, free to use the power as you will? That’s the question our favorite sociopath Jackal answers. It’s not gonna be pretty. But the gargoyles are ready for action! Or are they? Not when they’re so old they can barely walk. The world is at the Anubis-infused Jackal’s mercy. It’s up to the Emir to make a choice.

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Gargoyles: Grief – Episode Review

Disney Gargoyles logo with Goliath grief

There is only one word for this episode: WRONG. I think I said the same thing about the last episode the Pack was in, Upgrade. Seems to be a theme with them.This episode takes the cake, though – and it takes Anubis, God of Death. We’re talking about the Egyptian god, not the one from Stephen King’s work or Stargate SG-1. He who controls Anubis controls life. And death. Xanatos doesn’t care about that, he simply wants immortality. The Pack is along to see his will is done by the Emir, a man skilled in the ways of Egyptian lore and magic. But when you play God, you often summon the Devil.

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Gargoyles: Upgrade – Episode Review Continued

The Pack is back, and they’re sicker than ever. Wolf is a wolfman, Hyena and Jackal have cybernetic enhancements – or mutilations, rather – and Dingo is in armor. Coyote is the alpha, and he’s not playing around. Who is playing? David Xanatos and Fox. Their chess game will decide the fate of the Pack and the clan. Will the Trio be able to rescue Hudson, Goliath, Elisa and Bronx before it’s too late? The role of second in command also hinges on how the Trio handles this.

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Gargoyles: Upgrade – Episode Review

There’s one word for the pack: INSANE. They’re full-on criminals now, but that doesn’t keep the clan from pummeling them. They’re tired of the gargoyles beating them within an inch of their lives, though. Luckily, Coyote, Xanatos’s robot body double, appears. Well, his head does, since that’s all that’s left of him. He’s here to introduce a new line of Xanatos Enterprises products: Cybernetics, robotics, genetics, and armor! The Pack buys in. Now squicky, horrifying, and sobering are three words that describe the Pack.

Behind all this is David Xanatos. Fox plays a role too: his opponent in a chess game. There’s more to the competition than spousal bonding, namely the fate of the clan and the Pack.

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Gargoyles: Leader of the Pack – Episode Review Continued

Watch your back; the Pack is moving in for the kill! Revenge is buy-one, get-one tonight, but the price is still high. With anger clouding the judgement of our protagonists and antagonists, the upcoming battle will be merciless. At the end of the day, what does each side win? More than you’d think.

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Gargoyles: Leader of the Pack – Episode Review

Hello, season 2! We kick off the season with a bang! Lots of explosions, actually. We meet a mysterious stranger in gold and black exo-armor and wears an Anubis-head mask. His task? To spring the Pack from Riker’s Island prison. What’s the nature of his game? Revenge. Who is this masked man? He’s not Iron Man, but he’s close. The Pack’s arrival on the scene forces the clan, namely Lexington, to reevaluate their priorities. Vengeance is a sucker’s game, but will that stop Lex from going all-in?

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