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Freakshow: Changing Killer Croc and Ourselves

With August comes summer swelter and…the carnival! Yes, scruffy carnies preparing food-like products, assembling death-trap rides, and running rigged games. Good times. Then there are the side shows with their giant rats and bearded ladies. And those are just the employees! In honor of this poor-man’s amusement park, we’re looking and villains and antagonists who are associated with the carnival. I might take liberties with the association, but ‘s all good, man.

Moving from the refined lord of strategy and crime Ra’s Al Ghul, we meet Killer Croc. Change is the spice of life, right? We’ll be focusing on Batman: The Animated Series, season 3 episode 10: Sideshow.

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Understanding the Demon’s Head, Ra’s Al Ghul

ras al ghul comic cover batman

We wrap up independence/dystopia month with a look at one of the villain greats: Ra’s al Ghul. He’s one of my favorite Batman villains, and not just because he can keep the Dark Knight shirtless for long periods. His intellect, skills, and longevity make him one of the most independent villains around. He manipulates people and circumstances to suit his ends. He runs his own secret society. He’s practically immortal. He goes toe to toe with the Batman. Why? All to free nature from man’s destruction and to free man from its addiction to technology.

But what really makes him independent? What makes anyone independent? Hint: it’s not unlimited data or mounds of money, though Ra’s has both.

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Villainous independence: More than fireworks

We American’s celebrated our country’s independence from tyranny yesterday. It’s an old victory, and one that’s grown to mean less and less as our elected leaders over the decades have become our masters instead of our servants.

Independence doesn’t mean just freedom from a king. It’s not just the ability to speak our mind and worship how we like. It’s freedom from paralyzing anxiety, nagging doubt, draining fear, burning anger. It’s freedom from stagnation and boxed-in thinking. This isn’t an exhaustive list, either.

Today we see what villains teach us about power and independence.

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Got a devil on your back? So do villains

the walking dead comic graphic novel the governor

We continue this month’s theme, Demons, with a look at the main types of demons as they relate to people’s pasts. There are two general focuses: internal and external.

Internally focused demons are probably more familiar than you like. They usually start with you saying, “If only I had [fill in word/deed here that supposedly would’ve saved the day].” This is Guilt, which grows into Self Loathing. It often turns into Depression.

The second type, external, starts with you saying, “If they had/hadn’t [fill in act that was necessary/unnecessary and that would’ve prevented the disaster that exploded later].” This is Blame, which grows into Hate. This often turns into Vengeance.

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Hero or Villain? It Starts with Demons


Happy June! It’s the beginning or summer, or as we call it in Slaughter Swamp, Hellscape Season. In honor of this blistering time of year, we have a suitably fiery theme: Demons. To quote Vicious, my favorite villain from Cowboy Bebop, “When angels are forced out of heaven, they become devils.”

Duality of natures, outcomes of choices, and the causes of strife are some of the issues we’ll look at this month. It might be influenced a bit by the two big name superhero movies dealing with civil wars and versus match ups… Hello, DC and Marvel!

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Understanding the Joker: How he can help us succeed in life

Joker Batman Animated Series Hello Joker

What is it about Joker that makes him so fascinating? If we met him in real life, we’d be terrified. If you’re a normal Gothamite, you’re probably not in much danger, other than when he conducts his mass-casualty attacks or threatens the city in general. If you attract his individual attention, though, you can’t be sure what you’re in for. He might kill you, he might not. When he takes a hostage, it’s either to teach the person a lesson/kill them, such as when he kidnapped Mayor Hill after the politician offended Joker, or to lure Batman into another “game.” This unpredictability makes him a villain you don’t want to cross.

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Villain Matrix Stats: Joker – Batman: the Animated Series

Joker Villain Matrix stats Batman the Animated Series

Let’s see how Joker stacks up in the Villain Matrix score. We’re going into more detail on the scoring this time, Change is good,.

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Villainous Resilience: 15 Ways to bounce back like the Joker

Joker Card resilience

How was your April Fool’s day? No broken bones? No emergency room visits? Great! But so you’re prepared for next year’s AF day, we’re going to study how to be more resilient. Who better to help us than the King of Clowns, the Lord of Laughs, the Joker! He’s like those Bozo the Clown bunching bags that keep bouncing back up no matter how many times you knock ’em down.

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