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Gargoyles: Possession – Episode Review Continued

Soul swapping is never simple, and managing souls that don’t have bodies is no different. With Iago in Brooklyn, Desdemona in Angela, and Othello in Broadway, we’ve got a mess to fix. Plus, there are a few other souls floating around: Alex and Puck. Who’s going to sort this out? Leave that to the trickster fey and the 3-month-old Alex. Today’s episode is brought to you by subterfuge!

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Gargoyles: Possession – Episode Review

Xanatos wants to thank the clan for saving his son. What better thank-you than sorting out the three souls in Coldstone’s body? Problem is, Xanatos and Demona created Coldstone through science and sorcery. It will take science and sorcery again to sort out the souls. Without Demona, Xanatos doesn’t have any magic users at his disposal, though. Or does he? The answer is much closer than he thinks.

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Gargoyles: The Gathering Part 2 – Episode Review Continued

House Xanatos makes a valiant effort to defeat Oberon and save newborn Alexander Fox Xanatos, but they’re no match for the Lord of the Fey. Not even the gargoyles can defeat him. But there’s one nuisance left for the Lord: The Puck. And he’s got an amazing story to tell. Will the trickster’s tale sway Oberon, or will the he insist on taking Alex back to Avalon to be trained in his mystical heritage?

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Gargoyles: Future Tense – Episode Review Continued

After Xanatos murders his son, the rebels have one option: attack the Eyrie Pyramid directly. But the price for their resistance is high. Goliath enters virtual reality to battle Xanatos, who is not the man we know. However, it’s soon apparent that Xanatos has absolute power in this realm. Is Goliath in over his head, or can he pull himself together and defeat Xanatos? Even if he does, will it save the future?

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Gargoyles: Future Tense – Episode Review

Goliath, Elisa, Angela, and Bronx finally reach NYC again. But it’s not what they remember. It’s 40 years in the future, and this Big Apple is rotten to the core. The source? Xanatos’s Eyrie Building, which has expanded to cover the city. Manhattan is a sovereign nation with House Xanatos on its throne. This isn’t a utopia, though, it’s a dystopia. And Xanatos has plans to spread his glorious order across the globe. However, the resistance is doing its best to fight back. Will their efforts and their “secret weapon” be enough to defeat an apparently immortal Xanatos and his armies of Mutates and cloned gargoyles?

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