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Two things to entertain you this Friday: Links and antagonist humor!

In case you’ve been on the moon and didn’t get the memo, I have another website: I post non-Gargoyle articles there. They include villain stuff, weird science, gun reviews, and tales of my experience being a first-time indie author/publisher. The site’s main purpose is to pimp my book series Wolves of the Apocalypse, a tongue-in-cheek salute to my favorite Gargoyles antagonists in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and terrorist attack. It’s dark and snarky as heck too.

These are the recent articles on that blog:

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The Cover Artist Myth – When to design your own

  • I can’t even pay people to work with me…

STD Fungus in the Brain Creates Zombies

  • If you’re a bug, anyway.

The Walking Dead Episode & Villain Review: “Hearts Still Beating” – Is Negan?

  • Love him or hate him, he keeps the beat of the show.

What’s the defrost setting for a human brain?

Trapped on Fyre Island

  • Yuppies on an island with no infrastructure? What could go wrong!

If the US military went to war with San Francisco

  • How’s that Calexit goin’?


Last week, we were trying to figure out if Anton Sevarius’s plot to capture both Loch Ness monsters was a Xanatos plot or one possibly from the Illuminati, cuz it’s such a non-Xanatosian scheme. Faithful reader Aubrey took it one step farther, writing the funniest thing you’ll see all week!

Heh. I can just imagine Xanatos getting the call about the project.

“I’m sorry, sir, I think I misheard you. I thought you said you wanted help finding the Loch Ness Monster. Yes, I realize I’m the man who spent billions flying a castle piece by piece across the ocean to put on top of the tallest skyscraper in the world all because I wanted to see if I could bring the statues on it to life. Yes, maybe I shouldn’t throw stones. Alright, so how can I help? Xanatos Enterprises has made some remarkable progress in technology for underwater explor…I see. You already have a submersible. Shaped like the Loch Ness Monster itself. And one like a hammerhead shark? That’s really something. Are you going to have these occasionally surface to make the tourists think there really is something in the Loch? To either boost tourism or scare people away? No? Well, I have to admit, I’m not really sure why you’re calling me. Sevarius? Yes, he’s between projects now. I can send him your way. I’ll even send some of my security guys to keep an eye on him. I’ll admit, he’s kind of squirrelly and does much better with supervision. Can I ask why you want a geneticist for this? Uh-huh. No, capturing one and cloning it has all sorts of possibilities. Can I ask what the endgame is? Uh-huh. I see. I agree, having a bunch of giant lake monsters does sound cool. Well, I’ll send my people over by the end of the week. Best of luck in the project.”

Then he hangs up the phone, pinches the bridge of his nose for a minute, and calls for Owen. Because not only did the guy running this project not have a plan b, he doesn’t even have a plan A. So they need to sit down and discuss how feasible it is to take over the organization that runs the world.

Have a great Friday!

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