Publication Guidelines

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The guidelines are really more like rules. You’re free to ignore them, but that means we’re free to ignore your prospective post. We have standards to maintain, after all.

Still reading? Congratulati0ns, you’ve achieved Level 2 security access! Feel free to email your submissions to contact at vlnresearch dot com with the subject “Report” or “Matrix” or “Other”. We love getting new blood. If we post your work, we’ll credit you, link your site, and include your bio if you want.

Note: To increase your odds of being published, look for the Subjects Wanted post every month.

Follow the rules below:

  • ♦ Keep word counts on reports to 1500-4000 words. We’ll split them in 2 parts, usually. Villain matrix reports have no word count limits.
  • ♦ Keep it PG-13.
  • ♦ Follow the Report Template or Villain Matrix Template below.


  • ♦ Villain name and the series/movie/book they come from. You can use a villain who’s short-lived, or a recurrent baddie, or a general antagonist.
  • ♦ You can choose a specific episode/movie/book that the subject appears in. You don’t have to do an overall, all inclusive post. Example: The Joker, as he appears in Christmas with the Joker in Batman the Animated Series, rather than Joker as he appears in all Batman series/comics/movies.
  • ♦ Semi-short description of the story and what the villain’s role in it for those who haven’t seen/read the story.
  • ♦ Analysis of the villain’s motives, actions, words, etc. Read a few reports so you understand the form.
  • ♦ What the villain represents.
  • ♦ What we can learn from them that will help us live more successfully.
  • ♦ Quote relating to the lesson or the villain in general from a notable person, fictional or real. Your Uncle Bob doesn’t count, unless of course he’s Robert Downey Jr. Bonus points for using Sun Tzu or Machiavelli.
  • ♦ Use images throughout, but keep the total around 10-15.


  • ♦ Villain name and the series/movie/book they come from.
  • ♦ Image.
  • ♦ Villain Matrix score sheet. We’ll do the graphics; just give us your findings. Take the shortcut and join the Research Team. We’ll send the free Villain Matrix spreadsheet tool.
  • ♦ Villain bio.
  • ♦ MO (tactics, strategies, plans the character uses commonly).
  • ♦ Strengths.
  • ♦ Weaknesses.
  • ♦ Notable achievements.
  • ♦ How they can help us live more successfully. What can we learn from them? This can be what to do and/or what not to do.
  • ♦ Best quotes. Limit of 3.
  • ♦ Use images throughout, but keep the total around 4-7.


  • ♦  Comparisons, Contrasts, What Ifs… Be inventive. Just tell us how the villain/antagonist can help us succeed in life.
  • ♦ Word limit 1500.
  • ♦ Short series (2-3 parts) are welcome.