The Most Active Gargoyles Fan Groups Online

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We are defenders of the night. We are gargoyles!

What’s better than watching our favorite shows or reading our favorite books? Hanging out with fellow fans!

Growing up in the 1990s and 2000s, I’ve been a part of many a fan group for many a series. While the group concept isn’t as strong now as it was in the days of list-serve Yahoo groups, LiveJournal, and forums, it’s still around in other forms.

Below is a list of the most active Gargoyle groups online. While the Gathering might not be happening anymore, we can still gather online.


Gargoyles Reawakening

Quite active and fun.


Gargoyles Reawakening

Not really a group, but you can comment with other fans. Worth a listen, definitely.

Deviant Art:

BAM-GargoylesBAM, baby!

Beaked, Animal-like (or heraldic) and Mutate gargoyles.

Small group

GargoylesReawakeningThe Time Has Come Once Again

Home of the podcast of the same name.

Medium group

Gargoyles-LoversFor Gargoyles fans everywhere!

Plenty of great Gargoyles art

Large group

Gargoyles-GaloreSpread the Gargoyle love

Spread it like peanut butter!


GoliathElisaShippersNormalcy’s so overrated

GxE is the norm of the show, though. The name speaks for itself: lots of Elisa and Goliath.


Gargoyles-CrossoversEverything’s a Gargoyle

You gotta admit that there are a lot of shows that could mesh with Gargoyles.


Demonafansclub Demona and other gargoyles fans!

For being bat-crap nuts and wanting to commit genocide on a daily basis, Demona gets a lot of love. Let’s hear it for kindred villain/antagonist lovers!


GargoylesFanClubWe are Defenders of The Night.

All-around great art.



Another antagonist appreciation site!


Immortal-LinkForever and Eternal Bound

If the title didn’t tip you off, it’s a Demona and Macbeth group. My kind of people.



Related to a fanfic world called Wold War 3 and starring a clan in Washington DC that works for the US government.


Gargoyles-VillainsGargoyles Villains

So important, they said it twice! This isn’t my group, but it’s a favorite.


Brooklyn-Fan-ClubFan group for Brooklyn

Our favorite Jeff-Bennett-voiced gargoyle!


GargoylesClubDisney’s Gargoyles Fan Club

The queen mother of DA Gargoyle groups. It has practically every garg-art piece ever submitted to DA.

Extra Large

Other groups?

Do you know of any other Gargoyles fan groups/communities? Share them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list. You know you want to.


Do you love Gargoyles villains, know all the trivia, read Ask Greg, enjoy discussing your favorite characters? Can you carry on a conversation? Let me know, because I’m considering a podcast.

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