The Many Faces of Disney Villains – Pictures!

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Disney Villains by MattesWorks on DeviantArt

It’s the fifth Tuesday of the month, which means we switch things up a bit! And I usually forget there’s a fifth post in the series.

Disney is known for its beautiful artwork and fluid character designs. There are few cinematic experiences as impressive to the eyes as a Disney production. The Disney villains are no exception. Black, red, purple, green, blue – it’s like a rainbow of evil! I thought it would be interesting to take a peek at other artists’ renderings of these iconic villains. These artists appreciate villains as much as we do, and that in itself is a beautiful thing.

Consider this Disney Villain Art Appreciation.

(Regarding the image above, you gotta appreciate the incorporation of villains into the text. Look at the bottoms of the letters. The white forms silhouettes of more villains!

It’s like our very own VLN logo. See? There’s a tail. Just in case you missed it.)


Disney Villains by matthoworth on DeviantArt

The use of the villain’s primary color with the typical Disney Villain Black Base stresses the mood of the movie and the defining features/traits of the villains. It reminds me a bit of our header image.


Disney Villains Wallpaper by disneyfreak19 on DeviantArt

While this isn’t new character design, it’s a rare chance to see Disney villains in all their glory as they form the ultimate Legion of Doom! It’s also impressive that the artist packed so many in without obscuring anyone.

Props for adding the whale.


The Villainous World of Disney by StephenSchaffer on DeviantArt

In this darker, grittier rendition, the artist places them in chronological order. Cruella is my favorite in this piece, as the pose, expression, and facial design capture her inner character.


Disney Villains – Queen of Hearts by busanpanda on DeviantArt

I have massive appreciation for talented cosplayers. What could be better than the best Disney villains brought to life? The setting reminds me a bit of the Batman: the Animated Series ep “Almost Got ‘Im.” Anybody else think Hades and Maleficent are planning something?


POST IT DISNEY VILLAINS by QuinteroART on DeviantArt

This is a graphic-novel style that you don’t see often. It’s traded the curves Disney is famous for, for angles. The best part? The Horned King from The Black Cauldron.


Disney Villains by Andrewhuerta on DeviantArt

From graphic novel to American comic books, this line-art style piece packs enough punch just in black and white. Take a sec to click it big and look at the character designs, but then come right back! Look at Ursula. She reminds me of Granny Goodness, Darkseid’s head of minion training in the DC-verse. Maleficent is as usual the defacto leader, calm and calculating. Hade’s expression is priceless. I rather think I prefer his design here to the original. Hook is…looking insane, no other word for it. Now look at Diablo and Iago in a feathered frenzy! I think they like Cruella’s hair.  The details in this piece deserve appreciation, so don’t rush past it.


Best Disney Villains Ever by Mushstone on DeviantArt

The lighting does it for me on this one. It’s like Mother Gothel is showing the way, but for the other villains. She always was a fine one for manipulation. Hades and Scar are the most intriguing, however. Looks like they both have it all figured out.


Villains together WIP by Grincha on DeviantArt

This is an example of what I consider impressive composition. There’s a lot here, but it doesn’t feel busy. The “beast mode” forms balance the image on either side while making the colors pop. Chernabog, of Fantasia, in the background is what I like the best. In the various Disney villain features, he’s usually the true “master” of the villains. He also bears a striking resemblance to Goliath in Disney’s magnificent series Gargoyles


Disney Vector Villains: Group by tjjwelch on DeviantArt

Vector art always impresses me. These villains are in iconic poses that capture their natures. Pay attention to the color scheme and layout. The colors draw your eye around the image and flow into one another. Gotta love it when the color wheel comes in handy!


Villains by disneyfreak19 on DeviantArt

Here we have the big names, but what impresses me are the two lesser-knowns, the Madams: Mad Madam Mim of Sword in the Stone, and Madame Medusa of RescuersThese two were actually more terrifying than a number of the “classic” Disney villains. Mim could shapeshift and work magic on par with Merlin. Medusa used child labor and kept giant crocs as pets. 


Disney Villains by TheSpyWhoLuvedMe on DeviantArt

Again, layout and color carry the day. This is the first angular/pie slice piece I’ve seen. It’s a nice contrast to the rectangles.


Disney Villains by Blackbat13 on DeviantArt

Reminds me of the 1960’s style of blocky shading and a limited but vibrant color palette. There are a lot of lesser-known Disney villains here. I love it when they get face time! See Sid?


iPod Villains by CrazyIdea-Inc on DeviantArt

This takes me back! Remember when these style pics were all the rage? Diablo has his own iPod, something that is totally in character. Now, I wonder what is on their playlists?


Disney Villains by disneyfreak19 on DeviantArt

Here are the Madams again! I think they’re going to team up. They both have a penchant for leading children astray, after all… Maybe Mim time travels?


Disney Villains by NEPi on DeviantArt

Keeping on the Mim theme, I can’t look away from her eyes! They tie in well with the green in the background. This artist understands the love affair Disney has with red, black, green, and purple for its villains.


Disney Villains Submission All – for contest by mandiemanzano on DeviantArt

This piece epitomizes the idea of “the many faces of Disney villains.” Not only are the villains in a different style – and can I stop here and say how imaginative and stunning the stained-glass look is? – they each have two aspects. One is the face they show to the world normally, the other is their “inner” or more bestial side. These sides are the ones that have more power but far less humanity. The villains use these as their “ultimate forms.”


Rainbow of Fire-Disney Villain by skies-of-blue on DeviantArt

We’ve come full circle with another rainbow of evil. The flames and silhouettes emphasize how deeply embedded these Disney villains are in our collective psyche. With only a shape and a color we recognize each, and by extension each evokes what we felt when we watched the movie.


Dark Sole – Disney Villain Inspired Shoes by becsketch on DeviantArt

Last one! I had to include this, as it’s one of the most creative things I’ve seen in a long time. Again, Disney’s done such a masterful job of creating unique, powerful villains, that we know which is which from shoes that are themed after them. And coming at it from the other side, the villains are so distinct that we can theme shoes after them.

Everyone sees villains differently. Everyone stresses different aspects of villains. No two villains are alike, just like no two people are alike. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, their “style and theme.”

We of the non Disney villain ilk are the same. We show the world different faces to highlight our strengths, downplay our weaknesses, and somehow carve out our own brand. When we think we’ve screwed this up by revealing too much or the wrong thing, we get depressed and start berating ourselves. Maybe that’s because we haven’t accepted or even recognized who we are? I could go into a lesson on finding yourself, but I’m not. I could go into a lesson on building your personal brand, but I’m not. Take time to get to know your true self with all its good and bad points…lots of bad points. Be open with yourself and admit who you are. Remember, while everyone sees you differently, you’re the only one who knows what’s on the inside. It’s up to you what you do next.


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