Happy 23rd Anniversary, Gargoyles!

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That’s right, it’s been 23 years since this iconic, ground-breaking series first roared onto our TV sets.

Most of us were kids in our teens or younger. I was behind the curve, not discovering Gargoyles until a few years later.

What was your first ep? Did you see the premier? What were your thoughts on the first taste of Gargoyles? What characters really came alive to you? Who did you identify with?

And thank you, long-time reader Drenton, for reminding me it was the anni!

Take a stroll down memory lane…complete with my original witty captions.


I suppose waking up with a roar is a survival tactic to threaten anyone who waited to attack them as the sun set?


This probably intimidates far fewer people than she thinks.


Hudson’s sass is greater than yours.


And somehow it just seems natural to see a castle on top.


I really wasn’t expecting him to do this. It says a lot about his character and how he views the world. Everything is there for his enjoyment or use. Good way to see things.


He’s wearing a suit and tie. I have a bland head cannon that Owen sits in the Rover while Xanatos goes and explores any castles that are supposedly Wyvern.

Fox the Pack Armor from Disney's Gargoyles

Nobody outfoxes Fox

Disney Gargoyles - Lighthouse in the Sea of Time - macbeth smiles at broadway

The animation in the second half of the ep is way better than the first half.


Carb loading is Patrick’s life.


She wants genocide? Well, that’s ambitious.


This kitchen is amazing.


Kudos to Squirrel Boy for standing up to Goliath. Lex has a great point, too.


You don’t see that every day. She doesn’t shoot him, which is impressive. That would be most people’s response.

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8 comments on “Happy 23rd Anniversary, Gargoyles!
  1. Drenton says:

    I still remember watching it as a kid, a dumb kid at that. I actually lost interest in the show for about seven years because of the Goliath Chronicles episode “For it May Come True”, where Titania makes Goliath seem to be human (actually a dream). My silly seven-year-old-self, misinterpreted the episode, so that I thought Goliath was always a human, but a spell made him a Gargoyle. I did not like that, but there were only three episodes after.

    Later in life, the spark was rekindled, and the show has become a major motivational factor in my life. I bought the entire series, though they were bootleg (pre-2004), I didn’t know it when i bought’em through E-bay. Since then, I have bought the official DVDs.

    I found that I enjoy the show as an adult even more than I did as a kid, the themes are radically mature for an animated show, let alone Disney (Deadly Force especially). The show actually got me to get into Shakespeare AND enjoy it.

    I’ve always had the softest spot for Goliath and Elisa. I always had issue with the end of Beauty and the Beast’s ending*, and I thought that the relationship between Goliath & Elisa is played much better as the beauty and the beast romantic relationship.

    I hope some day, the show will keep going (no reboot) in another capacity, even more comics are welcome. Here’s to hoping 25th anniversary will have something large in store. 😀

    *Belle was able to see Beasts “flaws” as things of beauty, yet in the end she is “rewarded” with the stereotypical handsome prince, devoid of any physical traits she once knew.

    • LC Champlin says:

      Seven is pretty young for a complicated show like Gargoyles. I feel sorry for your silly little 7 self, thinking that through all the episodes you’d been misled. But I’m glad you rediscovered your Gargoyle love. I went probably 10 years without watching an ep, because it wasn’t on TV, and…I don’t know, exactly. I’d taped all the eps on VHS, but it fell off my radar. Then when the DVDs came out, I snatched them up. I binge watched the series. Like you, I loved it even more! It was shocking how much you miss as a kid.

      In what ways has it motivated you, other than reading Shakespeare? (Something I really need to get around to doing.)
      It’s changed the way I write fiction, how I view antagonists, and how I handle life situations. Heh, I always wanted to be Xanatos, but I think I’ve become more of an Owen instead, which is A-ok, since he’s my second fave character.

      Funny you should mention that about BatB. I too never liked the ending. I wished he’d stayed as the beast she loved. Good think we have Gargoyles to do it right.

      Just as you enjoyed Goliath and Elisa, I adored watching Fox and David’s interactions. Seeing a healthy, strong relationship and then marriage — and seeing how loving David was with Alex — was refreshing on so many levels.

      I still need to read the existing comics! But of course, more would be great. And I agree: no reboot.

      • Drenton says:

        I actually got a Bachelor’s Degree of English a few months ago, and I might work on my Masters so I can teach HS English. Eventually, I hope to write novels of my own some day. All credited to Gargoyles’ inspiration

        • LC Champlin says:

          Excellent! I defy anyone to say another Disney animated series is more inspirational and motivating that Gargoyles.
          Hey, if you want to write novels, just start writing! No Masters required. 🙂

  2. Aubrey says:

    I was about 13 when Gargoyles came out. I had seen promos for the show and it didn’t really grab me. I just kept the TV on to have background noise and got completely enthralled in watching it. I never looked back. During school creative writing assignments, mine would inevitably involve the Gargoyles universe. I am 36 now, and writing this while I wear my Gargoyles hoodie. I will never not love this show.

    • LC Champlin says:

      What ep was your first? Was it actually Awakening part 1?
      Early fanfic. Too cool. You should have kept a few of the assignments. 🙂
      I love that we are a small but devoted fandom. Love my garg peeps!
      PS I want your hoodie.

      • Aubrey says:

        It actually was Awakenings part 1. I was immediately hooked.
        I actually still have the fanfic in my notebooks. It never really got finished bc I am a really slow writer, but I like to go back and read them now and then.
        I have a lot of Gargoyles shirts and hoodies from Redbubble. But the one I think you’d like best is the one with the Xanatos logo on it. I couldn’t find one anywhere and really wanted it, so my husband made me one.
        We are indeed a very devoted fandom. It’s fun because you never know when you’ll run into a fan. I took my daughter to Disney World this spring and wore the aforementioned shirts. I had so many cast members tell me how awesome the show was and how much they missed it.

        • LC Champlin says:

          Awakening was your first ep? Ahg, you lucky dog!
          Good on you for keeping them. Maybe someday you’ll write more.
          Man, I’ve considered making a Xanatos-logo shirt! Good on you for actually doing it. Now I’m really jealous.
          That’s so cool about the Disney ppl. It’s amazing how many undercover Garg fans there are. I had the theme song as my ring tone for awhile, and one of my coworkers recognized it.

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