Gargoyles: Turf – Episode Review

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Disney Gargoyles logo with Goliath turf

Thomas Brod is muscling in on Tony Dracon’s turf, but the cops are already aware. Elisa will undertake a dangerous undercover mission to get evidence on Brod. And Dracon, while she’s at it. Being in prison hasn’t slowed down his crime ring at all. Meanwhile, the Trio vies for Angela’s attention. Who will win the turf wars?

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Spoilers are in the 20/20 moments. Info from Ask Greg is in the According to Greg bits. 

Season 2, Episode 47: Turf

Reason(s) for existence: To check in on Dracon and Brod. To develop the relationship between the Trio and Angela. To help Elisa get back onto the force.

Main antagonist(s): Brod and Co, Dracon and Co

Time(s):  August 2nd and 3rd, 1996

Location(s):  New York City, New York, USA

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - title

That cat is from Ulthar. That’s why it’s a full moon.

Previously: Angela meets the Trio. The guy from Prague, Grody or whatever his name is. Dracon getting his butt kicked by Elisa.

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - glasses chop shop

This is the only animated kids show I’ve ever seen a chop shop on.

In a warehouse somewhere in New York, Glasses is overseeing The Chop Shop. Dracon is not to be seen. He’s probably still in prison.

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - chop shop

Heck of a biz he’s got. I see being behind bars hasn’t slowed him down.

Angela is stuck with the Trio on patrol. They’re bragging about themselves.

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - trio angela brag

Angela is pretty much trying to ignore them like any sensible female would.

She spots a hovercraft. It’s Thomas Brod’s from Golem. Lexington recognizes it as a Cyberbiotics craft.

That doesn’t show up on ATC’s radar?

Brod and his gang land on the chop shop’s roof. A blonde female from their gang runs up to the door, but one of Dracon’s guys blows up the doorway with a bazooka. This knocks the blonde unconscious.

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - elisa knocked out

Short-lived stint with the gang, chicky.

Tony’s men and Brod’s men shoot at each other. Brod and his guys get inside, where they shoot up Tony’s chop shop.

Before they can do more, though, the cops arrive. How did they know?

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - brod shoots

It almost amazes me now when I see conventional projectile weapons on Gargoyles. I feel like I’m watching somebody use a bow and arrow or atlatl.

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - shot up car

Well, I guess shooting everything sends a message.

Brod’s guys load up in the hovercraft, which the cops brilliantly shoot at.

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - police vs hovercraft

They don’t care where the bullets go. I guess in the Gargverse, they don’t have to account for every shot fired.

The trio argues over how awesome they are.

On Brod’s ship, they’re trying to figure out who betrayed them. Is it the new guy, Jack Danforth, AKA Mace Malone Jr.? Or is it the blonde? Oh hey, it’s Elisa! Wait, are we not supposed to know that yet?

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - brod and jack

He’s got a score to settle with the Dracons. Or something. I dunno.

Everyone says it wasn’t them. Brod lets it go. I’m not sure why Brod is over here in New York. Aren’t there enough places over in Russia that he can take over?

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - elisa salli

Use the angry eyes. Let it flow through you!

The Trio argues more. Brooklyn makes a Three Stooges reference with “muttonheads.”

Glasses visits Dracon in prison. Tony wants Glasses to “hit” Brod.

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - dracon glasses prison

I love that Gargoyles is realistic in that criminals still run their rackets from prison/jail.

Bluestone is questioning Brod and Company in a restaurant. Brod of course denies any knowledge of The Chop Shop Incident.

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - brod and co questioned

Morgan! Good to see old faces again.

Even so, Matt takes him and Elisa AKA Salli (named after Salli Richardson, Elisa’s VA) in for questioning.

According to Greg: This undercover operation is partly how Elisa got back on the force so easily. Yes, Chavez was mad that she was gone, but her absence worked out okay, since an unfamiliar face was needed for this assignment.

Elisa slips off and goes up in the Clock Tower. The gargoyles at first don’t recognize her. It’s like when you come home, and you’re wearing a hat or something, and your dog freaks out and starts barking at you.

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - elisa disguise removed

I honestly can’t remember if I was fooled the first time I saw the ep.

She fills them in on what’s going on.

As Elisa leaves, Angela asks if the boys are always this way. Elisa says that they just haven’t seen a girl in a thousand years. And that Angela should let them know how she expects to be treated. This was in the days before the sexual conduct scandals.

Elisa is in Chavez’s office. The cap’n says they don’t have enough evidence yet on Brod. Oh, no evidence? Odd, you managed to come up with plenty of evidence to put David Xanatos behind bars, despite there not being a whole lot around, and what you did find, you obtained illegally. But I digress.

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - elisa chavez

I wouldn’t want to be her captain.

Dracon blows up Brod’s restaurant. Now Brod’s pissed. But there’s supposed to be a shipment of Dracon’s weapons coming in by a train that night. So off they go to intercept it.

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - brod on train

Clearly the animators have never repelled before.

Unsurprisingly, It’s a trap. The Dracon boys start shooting. Brod and his gang almost are able to escape on the ship, but a bazooka blast sends the hovercraft away.

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - dracon guys on train

Wrong car? I’ll just be going then..

The Trio and Angela have been tailing Elisa. So they sweep in to help her out. In theory. They knock out Dracon’s goons, but now Elisa has to explain why they’re helping. She said that they must hate Dracon more than Brod.

Glasses hops off before Brod can do anything serious.

During the scuffle, Lexington gets zapped by the hovercraft’s laser. I’m not sure what kind of a lame laser this is, since it just knocks him out of the sky. It doesn’t kill him.

Angela ends up getting in danger too as she tries to save him.

More arguing by the Trio.

Brod decides that he needs to kill Dracon. Luckily for them, they know where he is on Rikers Island.

The hovercraft blows up a guard tower and blows a hole in the roof, permitting Brod and his team to enter. They knock out some guards and take the keys. Elisa goes with them. She’s in the odd position of having to protect Tony.

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - hovercraft blows up tower

A second earlier, the guard jumped out. This show loves to kill corrections officers.

The Trio and Angela take on the hovercraft. Brooklyn and Broadway are distractions while Lexington and Angela slip in the back. The pilot tries to tase them but zaps himself. Then Lex crashes the ship into the middle of the prison yard.

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - hovercraft crash

Nice shooting, putting her down in the yard!

When Brod and Company roll up to Dracon’s cell, Tony instantly recognizes Elisa. Wow! But then, he’s seen her in disguise before.

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - brod finds tony dracon

Oops. I think that white stripe just got bigger…

Brod is pissed. He’s going to take it out on Elisa. But fortunately the gargs show up.

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - elisa busted

The suspense!

There’s a fight, with both Brod and Dracon shooting at the gargoyles. They’re not sure if the creatures are bats or reptiles, but whatever. They should know they’re no match for the bat lizards.

When the prison guards get things under control enough to check on what’s going on, they find Brod and his gang, along with Dracon, tied up in a cell. Elisa said she has new inmates for them. Yeah, well, after the judicial process is complete. Which will be forever. But I guess not in Gargoyles World.

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - elisa catches brod dracon

Glad there aren’t any cameras in prisons! They might have seen a bunch of gargoyles…

The protags’ scene ends with the Trio apologizing for being idiots and deciding that they should back off a little bit. Angela says that they should just slow down.

Back at Rikers Island, guards decide to put Brod and Dracon in the same cell. I don’t think this would happen IRL. Correctional officers want to keep the peace as much as possible. Putting together two guys that are going to beat the crap out of each other is going to invite an avalanche of paperwork. Both of them could also get their lawyers in on the act, and claim that they were being mistreated by being put in the same cell with their worst enemy. But for the moment, they beat the crap out of each other.

Disney Gargoyles - Turf - dracon punching brod

Look at that haymaker. You can see it from 20 miles away. Yeesh, some street fighter.

Final Thoughts

So basically this whole episode can be summed up as Brod’s gang fights Dracon’s boys. And the Trio brags and argues in order to impress Angela.

You all know how unimpressed I am with Tony and Brod. They’re motivated by wealth and power. And revenge. There’s not a whole lot more to them. It is interesting to see Brod again even though he doesn’t really do anything with the screen time. It was also a nice continuity bit to find out what happened to Brod and even Jack Danforth. Jack should have just stayed with the witness protection program.

I guess the moral of the story is that you should plan your attacks better. Don’t pick a place that is already saturated with the business you want to start. And if you want to take out your enemy, take out your enemy and not his guys.

Come back next Friday for whatever I managed to get together on Black Friday after recovering from a turkey coma.

Come back on Tuesday next for a much-needed meeting between mother and daughter: Demona and Angela. It’s a good setup for Hunter’s Moon, the last three episodes.

Thoughts? Comment!

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