Gargoyles: The Silver Falcon – Episode Review Continued

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Matt Bluestone’s life hangs in the balance, and only Elisa and Broadway can help. Dracon is a ruthless gangster and won’t hesitate to kill the detective if it helps find the Dracon family jewels. But old Mace Malone isn’t giving up the location so easily. His notes offer only mockery and riddles. Is Elisa and Broadway’s new partnership strong enough to save Matt? Will Dracon ever get the jewels?

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Still Storming

Disney Gargoyles - The Silver Falcon - broadway and elisa at silver falcon

A detective and his dame. Or something.

Elisa catches a flight on Broadway to the Silver Falcon night club. In the basement they find Matt, blindfolded and tied to a chair. Dracon’s right hand man, Glasses, is supervising a couple construction workers who are cutting into the concrete wall with laser drills.

Glasses spots the interlopers and promptly detonates explosives over the door. It was a trap for her if she showed up, which they obvs expected she would.

Disney Gargoyles - The Silver Falcon - explosion

Blowing up part of an old building’s basement while you’re standing in it isn’t the greatest idea…

Broadway supports the rock pile, saving Elisa. Then…sunrise! She has to dig out on her own. This takes about five seconds of TV time. Then she kicks the supports out of the “cave” around Broadway, “hiding” him under a couple tons of rock. With friends like Elisa…

Disney Gargoyles - The Silver Falcon - elisa and broadway burried

He looks solid enough to have all that drop on him, yep.

She pops out…and meets Glasses and Dracon. Great, Dracon, now you just kidnapped two cops.

Disney Gargoyles - The Silver Falcon - dracon and co

Go big or- Well, you’ll just go straight to prison.  Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

Dracon tears up the letter from Mace that Elisa got from Hacker. Confused? Yeah. He doesn’t want other people to find the gems, I guess. I’m not really sure.

The drills break into a safe about now. Inside is another letter. It’s made of snark: “right idea, wrong falcon.”

Elisa says she knows what Mace meant. They gotta wait till night to go, though. Nice move. Dracon buys it. He doesn’t know about the gargoyles turning into stone at sunrise, remember. He’s so out of his league. It’s sad, too.

According to Greg: This was the first ep that Cary Bates worked on. She was new to the characters, so the writers kept the cast small. Dracon got elected to be the baddie in this one-shot. I’m glad on the one hand, because he’s the most one-dimensional antagonists and thus is easier to use well. If she’d picked Xanatos, she’d have been in over her head. But on the other hand, Dracon doesn’t get many eps, so to waste one of them with him just being static in his character arc is sad. Well, he does have his skunk stripe in his hair, but other than that, not much changed since last time. He doesn’t even seem to have been affected much by the gargoyles reveal.  No PTSD? No vendetta? No curiosity?

Sunset. Broadway wakes up and finds the note. In a moment of continuity, he sounds out the words. Nicely done!

Not bothering to get cop backup via 911, or even get the clan, Big B takes off.

Silver Falcon Reveal

Elisa, Matt, Dracon, and Co are in a chopper beside the top of the Chrysler building. Elisa points out the Silver Falcon: those gargoyle-like bird heads that stick off the corners of the building’s roof. In one of the bird’s mouths is a satchel. She says the gems are beautiful, but doesn’t show them to Dracon.

Disney Gargoyles - The Silver Falcon - chopper by building

The view from Mace’s window!

Dracon thinks he has her trapped.

Disney Gargoyles - The Silver Falcon - dracon

How does he forget about the gargs so quickly?

No surprise to the viewer, Elisa jumps off the roof. Broadway of course catches her, but Dracon doesn’t see it. How’s she explaining this to Matt? I dunno.

Elisa climbs up the building, back to the roof. How? This is so crazy I just… Just wow.

Broadway attacks the chopper, tearing into it and forcing it to land. It’s as good as any Derek Maza landing! Good thing, too, since Matt is onboard. Risky, guys. With friends like Broadway…

Dracon ditches. Ah, but here we go, the reenactment of the movie scene Broadway was watching earlier. Broadway swings a fire escape down and crushes Dracon’s face, sending him to the hospital where maxillofacial surgeons work for hours to repair the fractures. They go through a whole tray of plates and screws- What’s that? This didn’t happen? He’s just stunned after the stairs hit him in the face and knock him on his back? Oh.

Disney Gargoyles - The Silver Falcon - dracon slammed in face with stairs broadway

Hello, traumatic brain injury!

Broadway picks him up and flicks his nose while quoting the “When somebody messes with your partner, you’re supposed to do something about it” line from the movie.

Back on the roof, Elisa meets DD, Mace’s old partner. He’s actually GF Benton the CPA. That’s why she never got backup last night: he didn’t call them! DD stands for Dominic Dracon, Tony’s grandfather. He somehow got up here. No he’s threatening her if she doesn’t give him the gems. What is this, Disney’s UP? She just shows him the case,  which is full or marbles. Mace’s snarky note says crime doesn’t pay.

Disney Gargoyles - The Silver Falcon - dd domonic dracon

DD, if you got any less intimidating and effective as an antag, they’d have to take your villain-ing license.

Devastated, he goes back to Old Man State. She puts her jacket around him and leads him to safety. Scary, DD, real scary.

Then all the angatogs get arrested. Good guys rule, bad guys drool, yadda yadda. No tag endings, either.

Final Thoughts

You already know this is not my fave ep. Hacker is the best part. It’s nice to meet a character from the olden days too, though. Is Mace still around, I wonder? And who is Mace? How did he rise in the Illuminati ranks?

The Illuminati is going to be a recurring thing, I know.

Where was backup this whole time?

What does Matt think about all this? He’s gotta be freaked out. And will insurance cover his apartment?

We learn Dracon must have a heck of a network and clout to get out of prison after this cluster.

I hate gangster plots.

Ah, but next week we’re back with one of the best eps ever: Eye of the Beholder! We celebrate Halloween with House Xanatos as Fox and David have a little domestic disturbance. S’all good: Owen, Elisa, and the clan are there to help sort things out. Did I mention there’s a werebeast on the loose? It’s a treat. Whatever you do, don’t trick yourself and miss it.

What do you think of the ep? Comment!

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