Gargoyles: The Reckoning – Episode Review

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If you can’t kill your enemy, what do you do with them? Put them in jail, right? What if you don’t have one? A jail, that is. Or laws, a judge, or a jury. You get your buddies to help you watch them. Yes, it cuts in on your social life, but it’s better than the alternative. The clan has captured Demona, and is guarding her in the Labyrinth. But this might be just what she wants.

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Spoilers are in the 20/20 moments. Info from Ask Greg is in the According to Greg bits. 

Season 2, Episode 48: The Reckoning

Reason(s) for existence: To develop Thailog and Demona’s story. To set up Hunter’s Moon. To develop Demona and Angela’s relationship.

Main antagonist(s): Demona, Thailog, Sevarius, Fang

Time(s):  July 12thOctober 13th, 1996

Location(s):  New York City, New York, USA

Disney Gargoyles - The Reckoning - title

That sounds promising.

Previously: Demona. Angela is D’s daughter. Demona turns into a human in the day.

Brooklyn and the clan are staking out the Golden Cup building. That poor building, the government research facility inside gets hammered so often.

Disney Gargoyles - The Reckoning - golden cup

I think the government would have moved their facility from here by now…

Not only is it boring out here, it’s also full of mosquitoes. But that’s not the only flying danger. Demona explodes out of the roof from inside. She’s making off with research. Apparently there’s been a lot of stuff stolen from research buildings lately.

Brooklyn of course is the first one down to take her out. Doesn’t work so well. She’s wearing a metal exoskeleton. It’s not like Xanatos’s, so I’m thinking it’s probably not a Xanatos Enterprises make. I wonder what other company is working on this? Is almost like a mecha, because there are controls inside that aren’t totally integrated with the suit.

Demona uses the suit to zap Brooklyn. It’s the old Steel Clan trick.

Disney Gargoyles - The Reckoning - demona's armor

I always liked how Demona isn’t afraid of using tech. Now if only she’d update her 1000 year old wardrobe.

Angela helps Brooklyn up. Demona wonders who this person is. She has seen Angela before, when on the Avalon trip. She says that she knows every living gargoyle, but she doesn’t know Angela. Every garg? How?

Now it’s Goliath’s turn. He punches the suit, but it shorts out, crashing them both. Demona hops out just before it explodes. It knocks her out, though.

Disney Gargoyles - The Reckoning - armor zaps goliath demonaDisney Gargoyles - The Reckoning - armor zaps goliath demona

Take 2.

The clan wonders what to do with her. Brooklyn says that they could lock her up in the Labyrinth after Angela suggests they put her in a prison. The Labyrinth will provide a way for them to guard her during the day: the Mutates watch in the day.

They lock her in the same bank of cells that they’re using for Fang. Dang, he’s been in for a while, since we’re going from what he did in Kingdom.I wonder how long they plan to keep them in here?

Elisa asks them if they know what they’re getting into. They’re going to take shifts guarding, but that is going to be a pain in the butt really quick. That only gives each gargoyle about a week off. As for the mutates, they hardly get any time off. Like, 2 days. Not that they had a busy schedule, but still. Who wants to spend 12 hours staring at prisoners? They don’t get paid for this.

Disney Gargoyles - The Reckoning - demona and fang in prison

What was this in the Cyberbiotics facility? I mean, jail cells…? Unless the Mutates built them. But where would you get the gates/bars?

There are mosquitoes down here too.

Angela wants to take a turn guarding. Goliath tries to protect her, but she says that she’s part of the clan too. So he lets her. And now Demona has a chance to speak with her. Angela says that she’s her daughter. At first Demona didn’t believe. But now it’s making sense. And of course she’s always thinking of how she can use people, and this is no different.

Disney Gargoyles - The Reckoning - demona and angela

Demona, always playing it cool.

Angela says that Princess Katherine took the eggs. Demona accuses Katherine of stealing them, but Angel sets it right. Well, I didn’t see you jumping in to take care of the eggs. What were they supposed to do? She grow up feral? D even watched Princess Katherine take them.

Demona says part of being a clan is staying around for each other. Of course, Demona is not really fit to talk about this, since she ditched the eggs.

On one shift, Lexington is watching Demona. D opens a secret compartment in her belt buckle, releasing a mosquito. Really? That’s interesting. It bites Lexington, then flies to the Nightstone Unlimited building. There, Sevarius is waiting. He pulls out the DNA sample.

Disney Gargoyles - The Reckoning - mosquito robot

That alone is impressive tech. You could inject somebody with poison and no one would know where it was from.

5 Weeks Later

Sevarius has the samples that he wants, as well as clones growing. At least, I figure they’re growing clones, since he tells Thailog not to program them with too much complexity, otherwise he’s going to end up with another Thailog. Yes, of course T is working with Demona. Remember, he uses his money partly to fund Nightstone.

Disney Gargoyles - The Reckoning - sevarius

Sevarius, always interested in the project, never interested in the fallout.

So, Demona wanted to get caught? It was a pretty hard plan to work out since she didn’t know if they would put her in prison or not. Something could have gone wrong and Brooklyn could have tried to kill her instead. Course, we know this won’t happen, because he never did kill her, and the Weird Sisters prophecy must come true. But the thing is, she still didn’t know that she would have access to them. But, I guess it didn’t matter that much. But she hangs out this long. Did she drag it out so she could pester Angela more? Or was she just waiting for time to tick by?

Disney Gargoyles - The Reckoning - thailog

Oh joy, Thailog’s back…

Two Months Later.

Just as Talon and Goliath are changing watch, Thailog blasts through the roof. He proceeds to blast Demona’s cell open after falling masonry knocks out Talon and Goliath.

Disney Gargoyles - The Reckoning - demona and thailog

How much do either of them love each other? Probably nil.

He gives her the laser rifle, which she uses to free Fang. Well, I’m sure he’ll be ever so useful.

Disney Gargoyles - The Reckoning - fang under sheet

Yes, Fang is under a sheet.


Well, this is an interesting start. Apparently she’s making clones of everyone who got bit by the robot mosquitoes. Why? So she can have her own Clan. She still wants that connection.

But unlike Xanatos, who makes that connection with his wife and son and fey BFF, Demona will not abandon her desire for revenge enough to be with her love and her daughter. She has made her own prison, one she can’t / won’t break out of.

It’s going to be interesting to see what her clan looks like, since Thailog had some interesting color variations, and what their mental capacity will be, since Sevarius instructed T not to make them too smart.

Tune in Friday for the continuation, where we will see exactly what a clan is. And we will again face the question of what relation a clone has to its original.

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