Gargoyles: The Price – Episode Review Continued

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While Macbeth distracts the clan from what they think is an ensorcelled statue of Hudson, the real Hudson is verbally sparring with Xanatos from behind electrified bars. Xanatos is using the magical Cauldron of Life to cook up a brew, which includes a piece of stone skin from a gargoyle, that will grant immortality. Hudson argues that immortality has a high price, one that Macbeth and Demona are paying. Xanatos knows that death and old age have a price as well, and it’s too expensive. In the end, his desire for immortality will cause an unlikely person to pay a high price.

Go read part 1 of The Price Episode Review if you missed it.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - macbeth shoots broadway and brooklyn

You awake, boys? You are now!

He’s Baaaack!

Nightfall. And Macbeth is back! Well, I guess that immortality deal worked pretty well! He says the same lines as he did the night before. “You’ll have to do better than that.” “Mine enemies.” “Trophies!” He’s like an NPC.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - macbeth looking cool on air scooter

Macbeth knows how to strike a pose in this ep!

Meanwhile, Goliath and Lex are at Elisa’s. G is desperate. They need Elisa to track down Demona, since they need a sorcerer to save Hudson. Elisa of course doesn’t know where to start.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - elisa confused

When your friend suggests you ask his crazy ex for help.

They decide to check on Hudson.

Never Say Die

Back at the cage, Xanatos is pestering Hudson. You get the feeling he’s intrigued by the old garg. Goliath is really the only gargoyle David has talked to one on one. Owen isn’t around this time.

20/20 moment: This episode may be why Puck had Xanatos “die” fighting Hudson in Future Tense. Hudson and Xanatos make good opponents.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - xanatos happy with brew

Ah, he’s all casual with his hands in his pockets. Classic plotting form!

Hudson asks why choose him?

“Because you’re old and getting older.”

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - xanatos mocks hudson

Xanatos is sooo condescending here. He’s delighting in having Hudson at his mercy.

“Growing old terrifies you, doesn’t it.” Hudson gets to the point. He sees through the facade, the calm, the sarcasm. Death and old age are what keep Xanatos up at night. Because of this, I’ve always thought that Renard creeps David out.

Xanatos is 40. He’s at the top of his game, his wealth, and his power. He’s fit, handsome, and wickedly intelligent. But old age will crash all this, he knows. Then what? Death. Then what? I don’t know what his beliefs about the afterlife are, and I’m not going to speculate. But what is obvious here is that he’s taking a proactive role in avoiding death – and I don’t mean he’s downing vitamins. If there’s one thing in life that will make our struggles and triumphs fade into the background, it’s staring down death.

Humans are eternal beings. And it is misery for a being made for eternity to have to exist in time and see its effects on the body. Death and old age are unnatural, thus we resist them. They are the great equalizers, however.

In Brian Jacques’s Outcasts of Redwall, there’s a poem:

Mightier than the warlord

who must come to his call,

I am but a messenger,

Death rules over all.

AW Tozer, the powerful preacher, says,

“Life is but a short and fevered rehearsal for a concert we cannot stay to give. Just when we appear to have attained some proficiency we are forced to lay our instruments down.”

I’ll say it again: people don’t like to die. Thus, I don’t see why Hudson is so scornful of the desire to live on.

Xanatos does not take kindly to the accusation that anything terrifies him. “Nothing terrifies me, because nothing is beyond my ability to change!”

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - xanatos angry

He’s lost his cool. That’s rare. Hudson, on the other hand, is all Yogi calm.

Now he’s sneering, pissed, and snippy: “What about you? Still wasting your evenings in front of the television set? You’re of little use to your clan; you might as well be of some use to me.” Brutal. And honest.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - xanatos being snippy

Hudson should take a bit of David’s wisdom into consideration. TV isn’t the greatest use of time.

Let’s break it down. First, he claims nothing terrifies him because nothing is beyond his ability to change. This is actually a great attitude to have toward fears. Instead of letting them rule you, either change the object of your fear in some way, or change your response to and view of it.

As for death and old age, they make him very uncomfortable. They likely make him feel weak. But he’s not wallowing in self pity or giving up. No, he’s trying to change them. Life is a terminal disease. He’s trying to correct that.

Xanatos tires of hearing Hudson’s lectures. As he storms off, Hudson picks up a shard of stone skin. Looks like he’s going to try a Krazy-8 move, but he doesn’t have to wait for Walter White to drop a plate. Hudson comes with his own shrapnel.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - xanatos walks away

I can count on one hand the number of times we see Xanatos really mad/out of sorts. It’s really irritating when people poke at your weaknesses. And it’s the “useless” gargoyle that does it! Yep, old age and cunning vs…um, youth and cunning?


Broadway and Brooklyn meet Macbeth. Again. This is getting old. But it’s all with the aim of Xanatos not getting old.

Macbeth runs the clock out. The sun comes up and turns Broadway to stone in mid air.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - broadway stone falling

That’s what’s called poor timing.

At that moment, Elisa, Goliath, and Lexington arrive. Ever the quick thinker and Mary Sue, Elisa draws her duty weapon and shoots out a rope that’s holding up a crate of carpets.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - elisa shoots

Her grip makes me bang my head against a wall. Don’t cup and saucer it!

The box splinters upon hitting the ground, spilling rolls of carpets. Broadway drops at least four stories to land in the pile. He’s completely unscathed.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - broadway lands on carpets

I’m not even going to go into how improbable all this is.

Macbeth laughs and flies away on his air scooter. If he’s after trophies, he should hang around. It’s not like Elisa’s a huge threat. Bit of a slip up on Team Xanatos’s part regarding his cover story.

Now we’re back in the castle dungeon. Xanatos is brooding as he stares at the stone Hudson. Owen approaches with “a field report from Macbeth.” Mac kept the gargs distracted all night.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - xanatos watching hudson, owen comes

David is pensive. And pissy. I’d keep my distance, Owen. Like, maybe email him the report?

Xanatos comments offhandedly that Owen better watch out, as Macbeth might be gunning for Owen’s job. “He’s already died for me once on this project. It’s hard to top that.” Eh? Seriously, is everybody insane during this episode? First off, we all know David and Owen are BFFs. Second, Macbeth doesn’t work for anybody, and he’s certainly not gonna be a majordomo. He’s a king!

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - xanatos being snippy with owen

David’s been playing hardball with the “teasing.” I chalk it up to this project making him antsy. Or maybe Fox is making his life difficult?

Owen says nothing, only raises an eyebrow in…bemusement? Acceptance of the challenge?

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - owen raises eyebrow

This is as close to saying, “Watch the attitude with me, buddy,” as Owen will ever get. His boss’s remarks are getting to him.

20/20 moment: This is Xanatos messing with Owen/Puck.  Xanatos took a lifetime of service from Owen over a wish from the Puck. Considering that Puck likes him, the wish might have been a real wish rather than one that screws you over. So of course there’s no real risk of Xanatos ditching Owen. Especially since “Macbeth” is a robot. This scene is a perfect example of how their relationship runs for the whole episode. Xanatos is particularly snarky. He actually exceeds Owen’s snark level in Double Jeopardy. He’s downright brutal.

Xanatos doesn’t indicate he’s joking in this scene. It’s like he’s trying to prank Owen/Puck. Hard.

What always bothered me about this scene is that it sounds like Owen doesn’t know Macbeth is a robot. I find that very hard to believe, though, since Owen knows more about the projects and operation of the company than Xanatos does (remember the force field in The Gathering?). That’s not to say David can’t have a few projects Owen doesn’t know about, but it doesn’t sound likely. Besides being rather pointless other than for prank purposes, keeping “Macbeth’s” identity a secret from the security chief would be a royal pain.

The best explanation is they’re both using “code words,” so to speak, and making an inside joke (like when you refer to a friend of a friend as their “girlfriend” when they’re not). That, and Xanatos is in a foul mood.

At the carpet store, the gargoyles are waking up. They wonder why Macbeth left when he could have taken his “trophies” easily in the day. Then everyone remembers Hudson! Good job.

Bath Time

Speaking of the old guy, he’s continuing his discussion with Xanatos about immortality. Hudson is trying to convince the billionaire that living forever isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. What you seek demands a heavy price.” Well, that’s a compelling argument! A “price.” Could you get any more vague? Everything has a price! Breakfast has a price. The internet has a price. Staying in shape has a price. Keeping abreast of current events has a price. It’s not like you have to sacrifice your humanity. Macbeth hasn’t.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - steel clan holding hudson

At this point Xanatos is just humoring the old guy.

Problem is, Hudson never studied debate. Heck, he’s not even using common sense at this point.

First of all, you rarely are able to argue someone out of their opinion, especially when said opinion is not regarding some scientifically provable fact. Even then, good luck. People believe what they do because their beliefs are really justifications for their actions.

Second, Hudson’s examples just plain suck. He points to himself: He’s been around for over 1100 years. Uh, not really. You were ASLEEP for 1000 of those years. You’re basically just a 60-70 year old guy. That’s not even that old! “Most of my clan is dead and dust, and I am a stranger in a strange land.” My, that’s relateable! Cut me to the quick, there.

Hudson, there’s a slight difference between you and Xanatos. Like, in almost every way, other than you speak the same language and are both males. Think about it: You’re a landless gargoyle who’s been in this millennium for less than a year and is hiding in a clock tower. Xanatos…is a human billionaire with a wife, a kid on the way, more power than you could dream of, and big plans. So, way to go on picking an argument Xanatos can’t possibly identify with. Not that he would even if you were similar, since he’s obviously got his heart set on living forever.

Xanatos lets him ramble.


Disney Gargoyles - The Price - xanatos with hudson's sword

Looking sharp!

Then Hudson says Demona and Macbeth are immortal but it didn’t bring them happiness. Srsly? That’s your augment? Xanatos isn’t even listening here, because those two’s situation is so different from his. They didn’t know they were going to be immortal. They’re joined by sorcery. They’re under the thrall of the Weird Sisters. Neither Hudson or Xanatos know all the details of M&D, but their situation is still dissimilar. Also, Demona’s done pretty well for herself. So has Macbeth. Mac is the only suicidal one. Demona was maddened by revenge way before she was immortal.


Xanatos finally shuts him up: “Save your breath, Hudson. Death and old age have their price as well, and it’s too expensive for me.” Now THERE is an argument! We all know what their price is. I don’t know anyone who, when thinking of death and old age, doesn’t shudder a little. Growing old is unpleasant, just ask a senior citizen (if I had a nickle for every time I heard, “Don’t get old!”). And death? You might be looking forward to Heaven, but dying is not an easy thing. Unless, I guess, if you get annihilated instantly in an explosion, or maybe a gunshot to the brain stem.

Dust to Dust

At the Hudson statue, Macbeth is back. There’s a protracted fight, then he blasts Hudson. This incenses the clan, since they believe that really was Hudson.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - goliath horror seeing hudson shot

The look you have when somebody uses the last of the milk, and you wanted cereal.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - hudson explodes


Disney Gargoyles - The Price - goliath behind macbeth

He’s right behind me, isn’t he.

Goliath punches through Macbeth’s chest. Wow, if you want Goliath to kill, just kill one of his clan, huh.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - goliath punches through macbeth

The robots are so creepy in this series.

Oh, it’s a robot. Like Coyote, but without the high-level AI.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - robot macbeth

You know, if Xanatos Enterprises is able to make such lifelike, convincing robots, why don’t they just replace all the world leaders with robot clones? …Or maybe they HAVE!

Live by the Sword

Xanatos takes a moment out from tossing and catching Hudson’s sword to tell the old garg, “Without your sword, you’re helpless.” (I don’t know why he’s doing this, other than it’s a writer’s device to get the sword in the room. Just use a fidget spinner like everyone else, mate.)

Anyway, enough chit-chat; time to test the brew. The Steel Clan robot takes Hudson by the wrists and carries him over. Hudson whips out his plate skin shard and stabs the bot in the face.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - steel clan holds hudson

One handed. I don’t see anything that could possibly go wrong.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - hudson stabs robot

This is why you should have more than one bot.

Then he launches off its chest and across the room to kick Xanatos in his chest.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - hudson kicks xanatos

Hope you didn’t need your sternum or spine.

Hudson grabs his sword, which David drops, and turns just in time to hold Owen at bay. “Behave yourself, boy,” Hudson growls. Hah!

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - hudson stops owen

Why Owen didn’t just draw his piece I don’t know. He was more than 30 feet away, the distance that separates a gun fight from a knife fight.

20/20 moment: Little does Hudson know he’s talking to a being who’s far older than him.

Unfazed, Xanatos hops up and compliments Hudson on his ingenuity. Eh? It’s not surprising, coming from David, but still! All this and now he’s just, “Good show, old man! Smashing!”

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - hudson holds owen and xanatos at bay

Owen just wants to go medieval on this gargoyle.

Then David assumes Hudson will destroy the Cauldron. I rather would assume the same. Goliath would. But Hudson is more circumspect. If Xanatos wants to risk it, and if it really does make him immortal, more power to him. If not, well, Hudson warned him.

That cheers Xanatos up.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - hudson holds owen and xanatos at bay

Xanatos loves having intriguing opponents.

Hudson can’t leave without a last piece of “wisdom.” Life’s not about the time you have, but what you do with it. “When all your scheming’s done, what will be your legacy, Xanatos?” Wow, did you get that off a Hallmark card, Hudson? Cuz it’s about as deep. It’s rather amusing that Hudson doesn’t realize Xanatos has a legacy: his kid. That’s probably what David is thinking about right now, how he wants to be around for his child.

Also, how can you judge what a person’s legacy is? You don’t know everything about them. I’d argue that the gargoyles actually know very little about David. Protags usually don’t know much about the antagonists, which is part of what puts the protags at a disadvantage.

Xanatos doesn’t have a witty rejoinder. He just glares after, thoughtful.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - owen calling security, xanatos watches hudson

Is he considering what Hudson said? LOL no.

Owen starts dialing security, but David stops him. “Let him go. He’s earned it.” This is quitting while you’re ahead, sparing your dignity. But it still feels like he’s saying, “Well, you outmaneuvered me fair and square! We’ll meet again!”

Back at the scene of Hudson’s “death,” the clan is giving a very poor effort in the mourning department. It’s interesting to see how gargoyles grieve for their dead. Goliath freaked out, understandably, when his clan was wiped out. But they’re taking Hudson’s death well. He died a warrior, full of years, with a great track record for clan service. No tears are shed.

Hudson returns and claims his stone face. The clan is quite glad to see him, but they act like he just got back early from vacation, not death.

Loyalty’s Price

Although Hudson left the Cauldron, Xanatos is fresh out of test subjects. Again, just go hire some junkie off the street! Or a college student. You didn’t have any trouble when you wanted to make cat hybrids.

Xanatos is disappointment but not crushed. He’ll come up with somethi-

Wait now, what’s this? Owen is jacket-less and rolling up his sleeve. “Allow me, sir.” Slow down there, Sparky!

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - owen sticks hand in magic brew

I was yelling, “Noooo!” at this point.

Xanatos stares, caught off guard. He doesn’t leap in to stop his majordomo. Owen can make his own decisions. And decide he does. He’s going to prove once and for all his loyalty is beyond question. He doesn’t dip a toe in. No, he dunks his whole ARM in. I’m pulling my hair in frustration now. Owen, you’re the rational one! What are you doing!

His arm glows, then fades. It’s stone. He slams it against the Cauldron to emphasize this state. “It would seem immortality has a price,” he deadpans. It’s like nothing more surprising or unfortunate than  his wireless mouse’s battery dying happened. Um, Owen, your arm is STONE.

You’d think Xanatos would be concerned now. His right-hand man just lost his left hand. But nooo. David isn’t even surprised. If anything, he’s amused. Excuse me? That settles it. Everyone has lost their mind in this ep.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - xanatos amused at owen's stone hand

“The mountain’s stones? How literal minded!” I’m failing to see the humor, Xanatos. Now get to work on fixing this.

Xanatos turns and saunters off, unfazed, with the dismissive, “That will be all, Owen.” …I…I can’t even! I know Owen has the right to autonomously make his own decisions, but… You’re acting like a bloody jerk. Yes, I know, you didn’t tell Owen to shove his arm in there, and anyone with any common sense would know better, and yes, you can probably just slap a robotic hand on there, considering you came up with whole new bodies for Hyena and Jackal, but come on! Show a little bit of concern. Even, “Ooh, that’s too bad, man,” would be better than, “That will be all.” But that’s how these boys roll!

According to Greg: because the brew used gargoyle skin, it turns the subject into the same biological stone material that gargoyles transform into. Thus the subject would be frozen in stone, preserved ageless. If you want to time jump one way, and if you have a loyal ward who will revive you – think vampires hibernating – this is a great way to do it. It would be fitting if to break the spell you have to do something at sundown involving the moon.

Well, not that there was ever any question about Owen’s loyalty, but now no one can ever doubt him. Now every time Xanatos looks at Owen, he sees a reminder of his scheme’s failure and Owen’s sacrificial loyalty. I doubt Owen has to explain his stone fist to people, either, since he’s too intimidating for most people to get the nerve up.

Disney Gargoyles - The Price - owen considers stone hand

What’s going through Owen’s mind? “I have proof now.” “Wow, this was really unwise.” “I want my robotic hand to have lasers.”

20/20 m0ment / Bland headcanon: The stone fist amuses Xanatos for about 2 days, then he asks when Puck is going to change it back, since it’s bothersome. Owen replies that that would be cheating.

Secondary bland headcanon: Puck teaches Alex how to reverse the spell.

So, a very merry Christmas to Owen and his new hand. And to Hudson on his stone face.

I wonder, did they just dump that magic brew down the sewer system? Are there stone rats now? Or does it only work if it’s in the pot?

Final Thoughts

This is the end of the Third Tier. Next is the Avalon World Tour. Mmph.

Xanatos was in rare form. We don’t see the respect he usually shows Owen. I imagine he feels Owen can handle the ribbing, but it backfires on David.

It’s interesting that this second attempt to gain immortality backfired in a similar way as the City of Stone plan. It’s a theme. But why stone? I’m just wondering if Owen’s hand will magically be back to normal next we see him.

This episode tries to make a case for immortality being bad. It fails miserably. It didn’t make sense to me when I saw this at age 10, and now, twenty years later, it doesn’t make any more sense. It actually makes less sense after having gotten some XP points built up from adulting.

The series that I really loved and still adore was one I first saw at age 14 (fittingly during October!). It embodied all my arguments for why immortality is good, and it put this episode to shame. Any guesses? Eh? It’s Hellsing.


We are on a mission from God. Hell’s Gates Arrested and Shine Heaven Now!

It’s main protag, Alucard, and his protege are both immortal vampires. Many of the antagonists are also immortal, or nearly so. Sure, Alucard is bored, but he gets over it quickly when the baddies arrive. He’s not exactly seeking death. Er, permanent death, that is, since he’s the No Life King. He’s okay with dying at the hands of a truly worthy opponent, and kind of wants to, but he ain’t going down without a legendary battle!

Funny thing, that: immortals aren’t generally suicidal, except for Macbeth, and that didn’t last long. Immortals are usually pretty okay with their state. Gee, you think all the mortals that diss immortality are just jealous?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go watch a Hellsing ep or two. I’m in the mood to watch Alucard regenerate from a puddle of gore into a maniacally laughing bringer of death and destruction. Immortality is just sooo unfortunate!

Thoughts? Comment!

Next up, Avalon and all it represents.  Pack your life jackets and let’s go!

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3 comments on “Gargoyles: The Price – Episode Review Continued
  1. GregXB says:

    This is a fantastic episode.

    Well, Anubis might have something to say about immortality, but that’s for another episode. On a personal level, yeah, I’d want it. Same reasons Xanatos does. I don’t believe in an afterlife, either.

    Greg was asked about the characters’ religious beliefs once, here’s what he replied with:

    -Matt Bluestone is Jewish.
    -Maria Chavez is Catholic.
    -Halcyon Renard is a Calvinist.
    -Petros Xanatos is Greek Orthodox.
    -I think that Diane Maza is a member of some Protestant Christian sect, but I’d have to do some research to figure out which one.
    -Peter Maza spent most of his adult life as a dedicated Agnostic. But since “Cloud Fathers” it would be interesting to see how that’s changed.
    -I think Elisa probably has a background in Christianity from her mother, but probably styled her beliefs after her father. Still, I’m quite certain that all the stories her mother told about African myths and legends helped her maintain an open mind.
    -I think Derek Maza has a more Christian bent. Maggie Reed too.
    -Beth Maza’s more likely to at least attempt to connect back with Carlos Maza’s Native American beliefs.
    -David Xanatos believes… in himself.
    -Fox believes in David.

    But yeah, Greg said he never planned on Xanatos ever becoming immortal. He feels his mortality is an integral part of the character. Similar to Goliath never becoming human and Elisa never becoming a gargoyle. Besides, Alex will have that… but man, what a legacy Xanatos is going to leave.

    I understand what Hudson is getting at, and I like that he didn’t try to impose his own beliefs on Xanatos. Live and let live… just leave me alone. But yeah, Goliath would likely have destroyed the Cauldron, less to keep Xanatos from being immortal and more to prevent him from shoving someone in there as a test subject.

    I like that our heroes don’t have a full view of Xanatos. They don’t know him very well. At the same time, it’s understandable how they arrived at that view. It’s a great dynamic.

    Great character, I love Xanatos. Sometimes I’m shocked that he’s not my absolute favorite character, but he is a close second.

    I’ll argue with you about Elisa some other time. Long story short, I appreciate her as a character much more now than I did at 14. 😉

    Loved the Krazy 8 reference, btw.

    • LC Champlin says:

      The Price is definitely near the top in my Top Ten eps. The characters cover so much deep subject matter, all without getting too preachy (unlike Renard) and keeping the pace up.

      That’s a fine list of character religious affiliations! Love how you put it: “-David Xanatos believes… in himself. -Fox believes in David.” I might hijack it (with credit) for Grief or perhaps Shadows of the Past.

      I’d want immortality too, assuming I could either regenerate, or die of physical damage. I wouldn’t want to risk being stuck as a vegetable after a car wreck or some similar misfortune.

      Well, that’s what headcanons are for! But yes, I was quite disappointed to hear Greg W never planned to give Xanatos immortality. Not surprised, mind you, just disappointed. I’d like to see what Xanatos would do long-game-wise as an immortal. You’re totally right about his legacy. Unbeatable.

      This ep had such a different feel compared to Outfoxed, where Renard and Goliath debated. I respect Hudson for letting Xanatos be.

      Ditto. It’s more amusing for the viewers then when he does something that’s actually in character for him but that takes the protags by surprise because they have a different view of his character.

      What cracks me up is reading Greg W say he’s “proud” of Xanatos as a character. He is indeed a fantastic, unique antagonist! He’s my all-time favorite antag in any series.
      Hey, your favorite character well deserves that position.

      Oh, I appreciate that she’s a strong character, and she’s got her good points, but I prefer Fox and Demona to her any day. New Yorker Elisa is just an easy protag mark to harass. 😉

      You can’t beat BrBa!

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