Gargoyles: The Mirror – Episode Review Continued

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the trickiest of them all? Puck! Demona is about to get more than she bargained for. You’d think after 1000+ years of life she’d know better than to trust a fae. The rest of Manhattan is in for a surprise too.  It’s up to Elisa and the clan, in whatever form they find themselves, to stop Demona’s genocide attempts and free Puck so he can go back to doing whatever tricksy things fae do.

Need to catch up? Just look in The Mirror.

Green Light Means Gargoyles

Disney Gargoyles - The Mirror - goliath face palm


Goliath and Elisa are having a gliding lesson. She sees the humans below and freaks out. The magic makes her think they’ve been “turned into humans.”

Puck and Demona are on the WTC, using the satellite dish and radio antennae to amplify Puck’s magic. Energy is energy, whether from science or sorcery. It’s becoming obvious that Puck isn’t going to kill humans or gargoyles. It’s not clear if he even can. He says his power has limits. Does insta-killing fall under the ban?

Disney Gargoyles - The Mirror - puck casts spell

That’s just creepy.

Green light away!

Disney Gargoyles - The Mirror - puck spell from WTC

They can see that blast from space, so it’s no surprise the clan investigates.

Hudson and Demona face off, but she ducks through the Mirror. She has to carry Puck, as he’s unconscious from the effort of magic.

They appear outside a subway. Puck levitates them, despite being unconscious, down into the station. One problem: all the humans are not gargoyles. It’s hilarious! They have human clothes on, and they have no idea they changed.

Demona is livid. Well, even more livid than usual. Puck just gave these miserable humans the gift of garg-hood! Wait a minute, Demona. If you care about gargoyle kind so much, shouldn’t you be happy the species’ numbers just exploded? Have Puck keep them like this! Turn the whole world to gargoyles. It’s win-win: No more humans, and plenty of gargoyles. The ends in this case don’t justify the means for her. She only wants gargs who’ve been gargoyles forever. Let’s not forget her need for vengeance against the humans. Even if they’re gargoyles in the outside, they’re human on the inside. They don’t deserve to be gargoyles anyway. Puny humans!

Her reaction shows how far from logic and sanity she is.

The Trio follows Demona into the subway station. It’s a treat for them! There are even hot girls who think they’re attractive.

Disney Gargoyles - The Mirror - female human gargoyles

“Fun but weird,” says Lex. Well, he doesn’t swing that way, so… Brooklyn and Broadway could happily ignore the weird!

Word for Word

Demona escapes in the subway train. In an alley outside, she screams at Puck. He claims he’s too tired to do any magic. Tricky he may be, but sometimes you can’t fool crazy. Demona points out that he could become invisible in the subway despite being “unconscious.” Now, she wants the gargoyles turned back into humans.

Disney Gargoyles - The Mirror - demona yells at puck

Aw, poor Puck. He looks so pathetic.

Puck replies he’ll do exactly as she says.

Disney Gargoyles - The Mirror - puck smiles

Hm, why don’t I trust him? Is it that cunning smile? Is it that he’s THE PUCK, Oberon’s jester? His whole job is to misinterpret things and be witty.

Goliath is hovering at the edge of a building as he talks with Elisa. I guess there’s a strong headwind. Then the magic hits.

Disney Gargoyles - The Mirror - goliath falls

Welcome to humanity, Goliath!

He plummets, forcing Elisa to use her new gliding skill. Lucky she’s the athletic type and a fast learner. I’d probably end up hitting the asphalt a few seconds after Goliath.

After they recover from his near death experience, Goliath exclaims that Elisa is back to normal. *sigh* Here we go again.

Puck did turn the gargoyles into humans. Demona didn’t specify which gargoyles, so it’s an easy “mistake.” He’s only fae, after all.

Flower Power

Goliath has had enough. They need to deal with Demona. But they have to keep the fight on the ground. Smart. He knows that the gargoyles’ ability to glide is a major advantage. They can’t match her strength for strength, but with tactics they should be able to wrestle Puck away from her. He’s her “weapon,” and they need to disarm her.

Too bad he’s not her only weapon. She brought a laser rifle to a fist fight. Goliath breaks into a nearby shop and gets the medieval weapons inside. Um, you know those are crap, right, Goliath? They’re Chinese junk used for decoration.

Disney Gargoyles - The Mirror - demona fires laser

Light it up! She loves ’em lasers.

Puck sees his freedom – and a party! He turns the ax Lex grabs into a circular saw that wants to buzz off Lex’s face and his fancy new hair. Puck sticks Hudson down with tar. Broadway gets a giant flower that constricts him.

Disney Gargoyles - The Mirror - human gargoyles trapped

This is totally serious and believable in Gargoyles.

Bronx turns into a regular dog – and starts chasing Puck. The fae “accidentally” kicks through the flower stem on his way by, making it fall into the path of Lex’s ax/saw. Oops! Haha, such a klutz.  Now the Trio is free.

It’s a good thing, too, because Demona just about to snap Goliath like a twig. The Trio jumps in.

But as usual, humans rush in to screw things up. They want to save Demona. The Trio has to use scare tactics that hark back to Awakening to frighten off the pack of humans/gargoyles who are freaked out at the gargoyles/humans.  I gotta say, the Trio is good looking as humans!

Elisa jumps in to tangle with Demona. This is no cat fight. This is serious. At last, Elisa is protecting Goliath, not the other way around.

Disney Gargoyles - The Mirror - demona and elisa fight

So much for being puny and useless. Demona is meeting her match.

Goliath tries to help, but Demona throws him across the block.

Disney Gargoyles - The Mirror - goliath hits the wall

He better hope he turns into a garg soon and gets to sleep off those broken ribs and vertebrae, lacerated spleen, and skull fracture.

Demona breaks from Elisa to pursue Goliath. But Elisa is smart: she uses the laser rifle to drop a light fixture on Demona.

Disney Gargoyles - The Mirror - elisa blows smoke of laser rifle

Smokin’ hot!

Hudson drops a garbage can over Puck.

Demona ends up in chains. I’m not sure how.

Back through the Mirror and on top of the WTC, the clan and Elisa order Puck to set things right. He’s quite happy to. He just wants to be free again. This was fun and all, but he’s tired and wants to go home for a nap.

Disney Gargoyles - The Mirror - puck smiles at goliath

He’s like a cat!

20/20 moment: I hope Xanatos didn’t need his majordomo during all this. I don’t think Owen can tell David what Puck does, so it would have to be some sort of code if David asked where his head of security was. Like, maybe Owen just says, “I wasn’t myself.” Ok, somebody write a fic!

Puck blasts everything back to normal. Nice how his power erases security footage and camera images. It’s also handy that nobody came onto the island and noticed. Right? Right?

20/20 moment: These mass transformations, be it in City of Stone or The Gathering, always beg the question, “How do they keep these things quiet?”

Now free, Puck grabs Demona and zaps through Titania’s Mirror.

Demona is through with Puck, but he’s got plans for her. He’s not a “poor guest,” he says. So he’ll leave a thank-you gift for the night on the town.

Disney Gargoyles - The Mirror - puck free with demona

Oh boy, I want the gift receipt for that. A pissed off Puck is not someone you want working magic on you.

Elisa and Goliath have a moment. They still don’t admit anything, but their bond has strengthened. There’s only slight regret that they’re still differing species, but such things must be, they know.

Disney Gargoyles - The Mirror - goliath stone elisa sad

Look at this. Such much emotion. Beautiful.

Only at sunrise does she learn of her gift’s nature: No more stone at sunrise! Ah, the sun feels so good on her…human skin.


Disney Gargoyles - The Mirror - demonas reaction to being human


According to Greg: The writers and actors had to take great care that they pronounced Puck’s name clearly. I kid you not. This is why they argued if his name should be Goodfellow (vetoed because it’s link with Satan, which was news to me), or Puck.

This is genius! Hats off to the writers! Too perfect. Talk about being careful what you wish for. This is karma coming back to kick her. She’s the thing she hates so much. Somehow I don’t think this will give her empathy for humans. It’s just going to make her madder. She’s also going to be madder at Puck.

20/20 moment: And by extension, Owen. That’s why she forced him to watch the spell in City of Stone, you think?

Final Thoughts

I love this episode! It seemed nutty at first, but Puck is such a tricky, lovable character that he makes it all…logical, if you’ll excuse the paradox.

It’ll be interesting to see what Demona does after this. Human in the day? Crap. That means she can blend with human society and wreak even more havoc. Thanks a lot, Puck. How long will it take her to figure this out?

The Children of Oberon came out of left field. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised if we’re dealing with Celtic myth and Shakespeare. This looks like a bag of worms waiting to wriggle all over the boat.

Next week we meet Draco Malfoy- Wait, no, sorry, no such luck. It’s Dracon. And some old gangsters. Not my favorite episode, but it has a twist.  Tune in for The Silver Falcon.

What did you think of the ep? Comment!

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