Gargoyles: The Journey – Episode Review Continued

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It’s the final half of the final episode of Gargoyles. The Greg-approved part of the series, that is. The Quarrymen are closing in on Goliath and Elisa. After taking a bullet to the wing, Goliath is reduced to climbing and jumping. Can he escape the vengeance-fueled John Castaway? In the meantime, Xanatos makes a dangerous move by ignoring the summons of the Illuminati. What is the secret society planning?

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Spoilers are in the 20/20 moments. Info from Ask Greg is in the According to Greg bits. 

Disney Gargoyles - the Journey - margot and macbeth

Macbeth is trying to decide what torture instrument he’d like to see used on this witch.

Macbeth argues that the gargoyles are not the danger.

Margot says that they’re a danger to the children. Ah, kids: the perennial pawns. Yes, why do you hate the children so much, Macbeth?

As a counterpoint to this, we cut to Lexington and Bronx, who are playing with Alexander Xanatos. Fox is overseeing. She compliments Lexington on getting along so well with Alex. (Honestly, I don’t think it takes much to get along well with that kid. He’s really, really good-natured. He’s got his parents’ chill.)

Disney Gargoyles - the Journey - bronx licks alex

Doggie! Too cute. Also, suddenly Alex is blond.

Lexington is not swayed by the flattery.

Disney Gargoyles - the Journey - lex and alex

So many “aaaaw!” moments.

Fox admits they “got off on the wrong foot,” which is a nice way of saying “I know I tried to kill you,” but she wants to start over.

Lex agrees for Alex’s sake. I wonder if their possession experience added to this bond?

Disney Gargoyles - the Journey - fox and lex and alex

I like that Fox makes the first move toward reconciliation, and she does it for her kid.

Xanatos is watching from the doorway as the gargoyles work things out with his family. Owen arrives to deliver the message that Mr. Duval of the Illuminati is on the phone. David says he’s busy.

Disney Gargoyles - the Journey - owen and xanatos

Xanatos is pleased his family is making progress with the clan. See? He’s getting exactly what he’s always wanted. <3

Owen, however, knows this is not the wisest idea, and he says so.

While Xanatos agrees, he goes on with what he was doing: playing with his kid. Aaaw, another father-and-son moment.

But seriously, Xanatos is taking a risk. I’m sure it’s calculated, but for some reason, he’s okay with coming off as cocky. What’s he up to? And what’s the Illuminati up to?

Margot is calling the gargoyles “animals,” and saying they should basically be kept in a zoo.

Next counterpoint! Angela and Broadway are in the library.  Broadway is reading Shakespeare. But he can’t really concentrate, what with Goliath being gone.

Disney Gargoyles - the Journey - angela broadway library

Man, I want this library so bad.

Angela wonders why everyone hates them. Broadway doesn’t really go into the whole “humans hate what they don’t understand.” Instead, they kiss. Cuz, you know, that explains everything.

Brooklyn watches and is quite bummed out. Honestly, I was surprised to see that Angela chose Broadway.

Disney Gargoyles - the Journey - brooklyn sad

What if it was something to do with Othello and Desdemona and their possession of Angela and Broadway?

We spend a lot of time with Goliath and Elisa trying to escape the Quarrymen.

Disney Gargoyles - the Journey - goliath climbs with elisa

A lot like the first time they met…

They end up back at the clock tower.

Disney Gargoyles - the Journey - blown up clock tower

It’s always nice to have a face-off with the hero and villain in a familiar place. Sometimes it’s hard to arrange as a writer.

Vinnie is helping out John. There’s a scuffle, but it doesn’t go very well for Goliath and Elisa. Goliath I can understand, since he’s injured, but it’s a pretty darn pathetic showing from our cop. What the heck?

Disney Gargoyles - the Journey - goliath vs quarrymen

Gonna take more than hammers.

Disney Gargoyles - the Journey - elisa zapped by castaway

Don’t tase me, Jo!

Disney Gargoyles - the Journey - goliath down

See those things on Vinnie’s belt? They hold coins so he can make change when the other members pay dues.

John manages to zap Goliath with the electro hammer. But Vinnie thinks Goliath has learned his lesson. They should all back off. And what’s going to happen to Elisa?

Disney Gargoyles - the Journey - goliath zapped

All the fights Goliath has been through, and the most deadly weapon he’s faced is an electro hammer. Sure.

Welp, John, being a good villain, wants to kill them all. Vinnie doesn’t like this.

Disney Gargoyles - the Journey - vinnie holds elisa

Vinnie stands up for what’s right, redeeming himself from his failures.

Castaway doesn’t take crap from subordinates. He turns on Vinnie and is about to kill him.

Disney Gargoyles - the Journey - goliath takes hammer


This gives Goliath a chance to disarm Castaway. Now the tables turn. John is on the run, but he yells a taunt: for Goliath to dream of him. He says he’s not afraid of Goliath. G thinks that’s ironic since it’s coming from a man who hides behind a hood. True that. If you’re so proud of your deeds, show the world your face!

Macbeth and Margot are at each other’s throats.

Vinnie is quite pumped about the fact that he saved the gargoyle and Elisa. But he warns them he’s going to Japan and they shouldn’t count on him to save their butts anymore. Goliath and Elisa play along. When Vinnie leaves, Goliath remarks that he is still not sure who the guy is.

Disney Gargoyles - the Journey - vinnie goliath elisa

That bandage…it changes size and shape in every scene.

We wrap up the episode with Goliath saying that while it’s been a long, hard journey, it’s one he wouldn’t change. The discoveries one makes along the road are even more important than the destination.

Final Thoughts

Guys! This is the end of the series. Can you believe it? It’s been a great run. Thanks for reading, everybody. But don’t go away! There’s still the comic series. And after that? Well, I’ll think of something. I always do.

Ah, what a wonderful series is Gargoyles! It’s influenced how I write, and even how I see the world. Of all the series I’ve watched, it’s influenced me the most. I wish all kids nowadays would watch the show.

While I might be in the minority when it comes to my favorite characters, I don’t care. They’re still my favorites of any fictional series or story. Greg truly broke the mold when he created them.

This was a fitting ep to end the series on…even if it’s actually the first ep of TGC.

Tune in Monday for my take on the SLG comics, which continue the story with Greg at the helm.

Thoughts? Comment!

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