Gargoyles Original Show Pitch

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I know we’ve all seen this, but since we’re approaching the end of the series, I thought it would be good to see how far we’ve come. Gargoyles was originally a comedy, but Disney didn’t like the idea. It was a good call, for once. So back to the drawing board Greg went. This pitch is somewhere between comedy and our Gargoyles.

Xanatos and Demona are almost at their final versions, but look a the Eyrie Building!

Character designs thankfully changed dramatically. Look at 1990s Elisa! Ouch. And Hudson? Cartoony much? Speaking of cartoon, look at Bronx. What even? The one I really am relieved about is Brooklyn, who went to the ugliest to the hottest garg.

Also note that Goliath is not bulletproof like he was in this pitch.

Would you have watched the show if it stayed like the pitch? I would have, but I wouldn’t love it like I do with our Gargoyles.

It goes to show the importance of being flexible in your artistic creations, huh.

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