Gargoyles: Hunter’s Moon part 1 – Episode Review Continued

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We continue the season-finale trilogy. Demona is dead-set on stealing the chemical D/I-7 from Xanatos Enterprises. Xanatos is trying to figure out why a reporter is suddenly interested in the gargoyles. To make matters worse, a trio of gargoyle Hunters has arrived and they’re packing serious firepower and serious grudges. Can the gargoyles escape these pack Hunters who are determined to take them down?

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Spoilers are in the 20/20 moments. Info from Ask Greg is in the According to Greg bits. 

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - eyrie building moon

Whoa there, not a full moon?

At the Eyrie building, Matt is trying to interrogate Xanatos. This is going exactly nowhere – surprise, surprise. David is sitting on his office floor, playing with his kiddo.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - david and alex xanatos matt

Aw, another kid and dad scene! I love these. What? Allow me my guilty pleasures.

Anyway. Xanatos explains that the the D/I-7 is a disinfectant, but it’s really not useful unless you’ve got a very big and very dirty house to clean.

Matt warns David that he better make sure his own house is clean. Really? You think you’re going to intimidate Xanatos? Please.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - matt finger point

Matt, don’t pretend to be Elisa. One hostile cop is enough. Xanatos is a private citizen who’s had his property vandalized. He deserves a non-biased investigation of the crime.

Matt leaves, having found nothing. But now Xanatos knows he probably won’t get a fair shake in this investigation.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - david owen alex

Alex looks extremely cute through all this.

Xanatos hints that he’s feeling harassed.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - david and alex xanatos looking cute


At the clock tower, Elisa watches the gargoyles wakeup. It’s a nice scene that recalls all the other magnificent stone-exploding evenings throughout the series.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - goliath wakes up

Remember when we first saw Goliath wake up? Ah, nostalgia…

Elisa is explaining that the D/I-7 is stored in two places. One of them the thugs already hit.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - elisa explains to clan

Story time with Elisa.

Goliath says that he doubts Xanatos is the true victim. I don’t know, when Demona is involved after City of Stone, Xanatos usually is the true victim.

Under the not-quite-full moon, at the Eyrie building, Xanatos is looking out over his kingdom. I mean, New York City. Owen walks up with a blond man, Jon Carter from WVRN (Wyvern?) news. He’s doing a story on the city skyline.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - xanatos meets john conway

Why does Xanatos agree to talk to this flunky? If the reporter wants to know about the skyline, he can look at all the press releases from two years ago.

Jon says that he thought the place had gargoyles. Yeah, a few…a while back.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - owen annoyed

The camera pans over Jon’s view. Now that’s some good scenery!

David replies that they didn’t fit his taste, so we had them destroyed.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - xanatos annoyed at john conwayss

Jon, do you realize you’re dealing with the biggest schemer around? He can spot a liar from a mile away.

Jon persists, throwing doubt on Xanatos’s response, since he knows David is an art lover.

David’s keeping his cool, but he’s getting annoyed. He says if he was to see them again, he would “happily pulverize them.” Well, the lady doth protest too much!

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - xanatos still annoyed at john

Jon blithely continues to press his luck.

Jon asks him what he thinks about the urban myth of gargoyles.

Xanatos is liking this interview less and less. He asks if Jon is from WVRN, or the Daily Tattler. By the way, the Tattler is also mentioned in Thomas Harris’s books. He wrote Hannibal. The reporter from the Tattler was one of the Red Dragon’s targets.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - xanatos owen look

Jon drops a pencil, providing the boys a chance to exchange looks of suspicion.

But I digress. Owen escorts Jon out.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - owen escorts john conway

No more letting guests wander about unattended since that fiasco with Elisa.

After Jon leaves, Owen comes to David’s office. Together they study the security footage from when Jon dropped his pencil during the interview. Jon not only picked up his pencil, he also picked up a piece of stone gargoyle skin. David decides that this means Jon knows about the gargoyles, or at least could be a problem for Goliath.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - john picks up stone skin

The cameras come through again!

My only issue with this plot device of the skin is that it’s been almost 2 years – like 1 year 9 months, even though Owen says it’s been “a year” – since the gargoyles were on the castle. Unless you want to count Thailog, and I don’t know how many days he was on the castle. Anyway, the place has been blown up about a bazillion times since the original gargs were there. It has also seen storms with high winds. I guess after a few months of gargoyles there’d be a lot of skin around, but I’m sure the place gets swept by the groundskeepers. Point is, how is there still a piece of skin laying out in the open? I can see if it’s maybe jammed in a crack somewhere, but right there where everybody walks? I’m not buying it. But I’ll let it slip because I am still quite happy to be seeing House Xanatos after such a long hiatus during the Avalon Cruise.

David looks rather enthused at the prospect of Jon being a problem for Goliath. If anyone knows how to take advantage of a crisis, it’s Xanatos.

The gargoyles are casing the D/I-7 storage facilities. At the one that’s already been hit, Goliath, Hudson, and Angela are beginning to lose hope of seeing anything. Hudson thinks that the criminals will return to the crime scene.

Well, the criminals don’t, but somebody else does. An airship hovers over the place. It’s a nice craft, too!

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - hunters ship


Three masked people hop out. They’re wearing the Hunter’s mask – you know, from City of Stone. What’s this about?

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - hunters

New antagonists! Sweet!

They attack the gargoyles. One uses a robot bird. Wow, that’s a dumb weapon.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - hunter bird

Vicious in Cowboy Bebop used a bird, and it was effective, but he used it differently.Another hunter uses a net.

And the third, a female, uses a boomerang that explodes when it comes around to hit the target in the back.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - hunters attack angela

They’re targeting Angela. But not with, like, sniper fire before the gargs knew they were being hunted.

At the other site of the D/I-7, the trio and Bronx are standing guard. A figure in a cloak approaches the door. And then she rips the door off its moorings. I’m talking garage door, the roll-up kind.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - demona rips door

Been working out?

Recognizing Demona, Brooklyn jumps the gun and almost gets gunned down himself.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - demona finds di7


Back with the other gargoyles, one of the hunters tases Angela. She falls off the roof. As sturdy as gargoyles are, a fall like this can damage them. And she’s more than a little injured. In a rage, Goliath slams the floor / roof. This gives the gargs enough time to evacuate with Angela.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - angela zapped

Now you just need the thing on the front to explode if you really want to kill her.

The hunters think at first that they’ve killed “the demon,” whoever that is. But then their leader realizes they have not.

Demona is shooting at Broadway, who’s behind a van. Then she decides to shoot the van’s fuel tank.

Brooklyn takes the initiative with a car door and charges in. I’m not sure how the laser rifle goes through the whole van but the car door blocks it.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - demona rifle

Fierce! Love that shot.

There’s a scuffle, and Demona ends up shooting into the warehouse full of D/I-7 canisters. They’re apparently flammable. And explodable. The gang barely gets out before the place goes up.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - warehouse blows

Woudn’t be a gargoyles ep without destruction.


In the Hunters’ ship, the three are having an argument. One thinks that maybe Demona is just a bad egg. The other guy thinks the only good garg is a dead garg. Hmm, dissension in the ranks? That’s never good for the villains.

At the clock tower, everyone is quite concerned about Angela. It’s hours away from dawn.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - angela hurt, clan worried

Well, we know the writers won’t kill her off.

Goliath vows vengeance on the hunters when he finds them. And he will find them.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - goliath vows vengeancfe

So…Xanatos threatens to kill G and Angela in Cloud Fathers, but no vengeance. And we’ve seen through many eps that Goliath has learned vengeance isn’t a good idea. But NOW Goliath is gonna go all avenger of blood…

Final Thoughts

I realize this is a rather short couple of posts, but remember that this is the first episode of the three-parter. There’s usually a slow build with these. So consider this as being the first half of an episode. We’re getting all the characters introduced, getting schemes in place.

Right now, we’ve got a lot of new characters: Jason, Robin, Jon, and the hunters.

We also have the plot of Demona and D/I-7. We know that she’s not after a new form of bleach for cleaning her toilet. But Xanatos thinks that there’s nothing you can really do with the chemical. I’m pretty sure he’s wrong. Or lying. And what is Jon the reporter’s plan? Does he want to just bust the gargoyles? Does he want to out Xanatos for harboring the gargoyles? That happened like two years ago!

Then there’s Xanatos himself. What’s he planning in regard to Goliath being the target of Jon? He also has to deal with the fact that his stuff is getting stolen and his warehouses are getting blown up. He doesn’t know why or by whom. You’d think he’d have some cameras around, considering he’s the king of CCTV.

I really like this episode. It’s one of the first episodes in the “new page” segment of the series, as I call it. That is, House Xanatos’s new page. He’s now a dad, and it’s obvious that he’s taking this role incredibly seriously. I mean, what other dad actually pays attention to his kid? He’s a busy guy, but he takes time to have his three month old around. He’s not dumping him off with a babysitter or daycare or Fox or even Puck / Owen. I think David’s going to make a great dad.

According to Greg: While David has made some mistakes in life, he’s decided he’ll be the best father he can be. Alex will know that he is loved and cared for. Sure, Xanatos hasn’t redeemed himself, and he doesn’t really want to. But at least he’s going to be a darn fine father, unlike his own dad.


Tune in Monday as we learn more about the Hunters, Demona’s plan, and Angela’s fate.

Thoughts? Comment!

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