Gargoyles: Hunter’s Moon part 1 – Episode Review

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Welcome to part 1 of 3 in the Hunter’s Moon trilogy. These are the last three episodes of the season. And boy do they start with a bang! There are new characters and new nefarious plots. Demona is stealing Xanatos’s chemicals, but we don’t know why.  Elisa is partnered with a new Detective, though, and they’re on the case, as is Matt Bluestone.

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Spoilers are in the 20/20 moments. Info from Ask Greg is in the According to Greg bits. 

Season 2, Episode 50: Hunter’s Moon part 1

Reason(s) for existence: To launch Demona’s scheme. To show Xanatos as willing to work with the gargoyles. To put pressure on the clan regarding PR. To introduce the Hunters.

Main antagonist(s): Thugs, Demona, Hunters

Time(s): 994; October 23rd – 24th, 1996

Location(s):  Scotland, 994; New York City, New York, USA

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - title

And another full moon.

This is the third episode from the end, guys! Well, 4th if you count The Journey. Which I’ll probably review, since even though it’s part of the Goliath Chronicles, it’s pretty much canon. Mostly.

Previously: Canmore  is the Hunter. Xanatos is grateful to Goliath for saving Alex. And Demona supposedly went up in smoke.

Greg’s Hunter’s Moon part 1 ramble

Greg’s Hunter’s Moon part 1 background memo 1

Greg’s Hunter’s Moon part 1 ramble background memo 2

We recap with Gillecomgain getting his face scarred up by Demona.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - half moon

Whoa there, the moon has a different phase from full?!

Elisa in a blonde wig is in the subway station at night. Wait, I think we’re not supposed to know this is Elisa. The wig is supposed to cover for the fact that she has the same facial structure and voice.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - elisa disgues

Elisa loves those wigs when she’s on a mission.

She’s getting hit on – figuratively and pretty soon possibly literally – by the same gang she met way back in Awakening, when she was showing Goliath the town.

She escapes them by going into the subway train. But not for long. They come in, and they’ve got weapons. They’re going to run an old fashioned train robbery. Brendan and Margot are aboard, by the way.

As the train goes out of the tunnel and into the open air, the gargoyles swoop down. They rip open the ceiling and hop in. A fight ensues. Brooklyn is wounded slightly in the arm. Elisa helps out Goliath.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - goliath ceiling

Peekaboo, I’ll maul you.

The townsfolk, though, are less than welcoming. They’re quite freaked out about seeing a giant purple, winged monster. Elisa hugs him, apparently not caring anymore about people knowing the gargoyles exist. Guess the world tour changed her view. But remember, the gargoyles – urban legends though they may be – in NYC don’t have a good reputation. Brooklyn points out that they have a “PR problem.” This is due partly to the Steel Clan, Coldstone, Demona, and their run-ins with the gargoyles.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - elisa slams thug

Good thing the guy didn’t accidentally pull the trigger…

When the train hits the station, the passengers pile out and start shrieking about gargoyles. Matt Bluestone’s on the receiving end. He brushes it off.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - matt and morgan

It’s like a jackpot of cameos!

The good thing is, they got the subway criminal issue sorted out.

Back at the cop shop, Elisa has a meeting with Chavez. The Captain is reassigning Elisa to day shift to orient a new detective, Jason Conover. She puts up a fight until she gets a look at him. He’s hot.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - jason elisa

Sorry, Matt, you’re out of luck.

Elisa tries to investigate the newbie, but Jason hedges about where he’s from, turning the topic back to the city of New York.

On patrol, they roll past the docks. There’s an explosion in a Xanatos Enterprises warehouse. Some thugs are breaking in. Jason and Elisa hop out to stop them, but they forget to look behind. Two more thugs come, surrounding them. Jason lunges out of the way. He shoots one of the canisters of chemicals that the burglars are stealing. It explodes.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - jason elisa surrounded

Rookie move, guys.

A car chase ensues, which takes them through Central Park with guns blazing. These guys are the the worst marksman in the history of the universe.

I feel sorry for the Ford Fairlane here, since it’s getting shot up and it’s run through the park. Basically the suspension will be trashed as much as its hood. Jason manages to shoot the tire out from the van.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - jason shooting

While Fox Mulder might find it more difficult than it looks to shoot the tires out from a moving RV (Bad Blood), Jason handles it like a pro.

And so the first bust by this Bonnie and Clyde duo is a success.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - jason elisa guns

Classic cop movie moment.

Back of the clock tower, Elisa fills in the gargoyles on what happened. She’s quite impressed by Jason.

At Nightstone Unlimited, Demona is interviewing a new personal assistant, Robyn Corey. As she finishes up with the interview, one of her thugs rushes in. He says that they didn’t get the D/I-7 (that’s what was on the canisters). She cuts him off. She really needs to work on getting better help.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - robyn

Ah, 1990’s style!

Side note: I wonder what’s up with Nightstone now that Thailog and Demona had their falling out? It was partly his money that helped fund the company. So he owns a good share of it. Did he die? If he did, how are they handling anything that needs his signature? I guess the same way they did before! …Better hope he never needs anything notarized.

Robin impresses Demona; the PA will start the next day.

Dominique Destine, AKA Demona, then goes to talk to her thug in private. She’s just about to rip him a new one, when she knows the sun is going down. He’s lucked out.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - demona attacks thug

Demona, the picture of chill.

She shifts back into her gargoyle form, shredding her outfit. She says if she wants anything done right, she’ll have to do it herself. Meaning getting the D/I-7, whatever it is.

Disney Gargoyles - Hunter's Moon part 1 - demona rips her clothes

She looks kind of hot with the ripped up duds, though.


We’re ramping up for a great three-parter! This ep begins the drive to the finish line, setting up the potential for massive changes in the Garg-vers. There are a lot of questions to be answered now, and I can’t wait to see what will happen.

20/20 moment: When I first saw this ep, I didn’t know it was one of the last three.

Tune in Friday as the investigation into Demona’s scheme continues, and we meet fearsome new enemies. The Hunt is on!

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