Gargoyles: Enter Macbeth – Episode Review Continued

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Macbeth (re)Enters! We finally learn why Macbeth kidnapped Lexington, Bronx, and Brooklyn. It’s also time for a change of address for a most of our characters. The theme of Home runs strong in this one.

Need to catch up? Read part one of Enter Macbeth.

20/20 moment / According to Greg: We need to backtrack a second. On November 15th, 1994, Xanatos began the concrete phase of his plan to clone Goliath. A Steel Clan robot attacks Goliath, obtaining a sample of DNA. I love how Xanatos carrier out his plans despite being in jail. If Elisa thought incarceration would stop him, she underestimated him as much as he underestimated her and the gargs.

Timmy’s in the Basement, in a Cage


Look! It’s every dog I’ve ever owned!

Bronx heads off on his Lassie mission – right down the middle of the street. How does he know where to go? Macbeth’s place is far from the city. Also, Bronx made great time!

Goliath sees him…and lands in the middle of the street too. Wasn’t he just all concerned about letting people know about the clan? Well, I’m sure this wasn’t on camera or anything! It’s not like at least a hundred people saw it or anything! Or that he left giant claw marks and vehicle damage behind. I get the feeling NYC will soon be like Gotham: everybody knows weird stuff happens, and they accept it. Does Xanatos Enterprises ever do damage control? Does it ever buy off or spin the media? Hm…


Secrecy? Low profile? Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.

I dare do all that may become a man


Coffee, the drink of villains!

Macbeth enjoys coffee as he watches Goliath arrive via CCTV. He’s been waiting for the Big Guy. What’s Macbeth’s plan? Is he a big-game hunter? Maybe Goliath pissed him off somehow and Macbeth wants revenge.  We’ll see.


You were gonna have to replace the door anyway.

Goliath bursts in, but draws up short when Macbeth draws a pistol. If Macbeth wants a trophy, now’s the time! Instead, he runs off. Ah, he’s like the Pack, wanting a good time first. Doesn’t anyone in this show know you’re not supposed to play with your food?


Just shoot him now. Why does everybody have to make things complicated? Owen’s the only one who gets to the point.

Macbeth leads Goliath down a gauntlet of a fortified hall: steel doors, electrified portcullises, and brick walls. Either Macbeth plans for everything, or he’s been working on this for awhile. Of course, I’d love to have a setup like this if I was rich and had a mansion.


What, no spikes or walls closing in?

It ends in a hall of mirrors. It’s actually a neat idea. The enemy sees you all around, but you’re not there. You can taunt him at your leisure!

Macbeth laughs when Goliath asks why he wants the clan. They’re just pawns. He wants the queen. Goliath can’t understand who that might be. Um, duh. Demona. Goliath is shocked Macbeth knows her. No doubt Brooklyn filled Goliath in about Demona living for hundreds of years, so it’s not hard to imagine her running into a lot of people. After all, Xanatos and Owen were on good terms with her.


It’s a fun house! For Macbeth, anyway.

Macbeth replies with the words that will rock Goliath’s world: Know her? He named her! Huh? Like, was it recently? The clan just got names two months ago, right?

Why does he want Demona, anyway? I’m assuming they’re not on good terms, if this is how he has to contact her. If they were friends, he could just give her a call rather than sneaking into a jail, cutting a deal with Xanatos, fighting the clan, kidnapping three members, and fighting Goliath.


Pro tip: Use a Maglight

A trap door opens, dumping Goliath into the dungeon basement. There’re even authentic torture devices!

Goliath informs him Demona is the clan’s enemy. Apparently Macbeth isn’t up on current events!

Yet do I fear thy nature

This next part confuses me: Macbeth loses it. He’s been keeping Goliath right where he wants him this whole time, but when he hears Demona isn’t going to come by, he acts like Goliath has stolen his superpower. Now he’s running through his own home, trying to escape Goliath. Why? Just finish him off, or do whatever it was you were gonna do when he was still a pawn.


I got nothin’. One second Macbeth is large and in charge, next he’s on the defensive.

A brazier gets knocked over during the scuffle, setting the solid stone floor alight. What, did they seal the grout with gasoline?


Blasted foam rocks!

The chase leads to the armory. Which I’m totally not jealous of. Nope. Of all the weapons to choose, Macbeth goes for a broadsword. Granted, the firearms are likely unloaded. He knows how to handle the blade. It’s a weapon he’s fond of, obviously.


Does the Eyrie have an armory? It must. I need to see it.


Goliath uses a mace. Fitting.


Combustibles? Fire don’t need no stinkin’ combustibles.


Mace beats sword.

Goliath grabs Macbeth by the coat, but Macbeth is smart. He drops out and flees.

The mansion goes up in flames, but the gargoyles are safe. Macbeth escapes in his aircraft.


Like kindling. Anybody bring a fire extinguisher?

Well, that didn’t go nearly to plan for Macbeth. He wanted Demona, but got more than he bargained for when Goliath showed up. Now the mansion’s in flames, along with his priceless collection of art. Good job, Goliath, wrecking a collection of cultural and historical pieces. Now we see if Macbeth has a vengeful nature like Demona, or if he’s wise like Xanatos and will move on with life.

What ‘s Done is Done


Payback for that pimp slap earlier?

Goliath and the others fly back. Hudson, Broadway, and Elisa flag them down from another rooftop. Goliath receives the news that they don’t live at the Eyrie Building anymore. Yep, change of address is already at the post office. It’s official.

The clan talks sense into Goliath: Home is where the heart is, or in this case where the clan is. They’re together, and that’s what matters. It’s a good point, one we often forget in our longing for “home.” The more you’re away from home, the more you realize what home really is.

Goliath has to have the last word. He roars off to hassle Owen a last time.


Take a good look. You don’t live there anymore.

Owen is taking his sweet time cleaning up the glass from the Grimorum case.


Apparently housekeeping had the night off.

Goliath makes a grand opening, bursting in with wings out and rage face on. Doing this in front of Owen is one notch above doing it for an empty room. The security chief doesn’t break sweep as Goliath delivers the…bad loser speech. “Tell your master we’re leaving, but we’ll be back!”




Ah, the look reserved for stupidity so unbelievable it leaves you open-,

20/20 moment: Hunter’s Moon will see them return indeed! But it will be the most unlikely person who invites and welcomes them home: David Xanatos.

Really? First off, Xanatos isn’t Owen’s master. You’ve lived here how long and haven’t figured out how employment works in the 1990s, Goliath?  Second, you will not be back. You really think you could fall asleep on his castle’s battlements? No.

Owen manages not to laugh, or even come up with anything more sarcastic than, “I’ll deliver your message.”


I’m sure he and David had a good chuckle over said message.

Tag Time

January 4th, 1995


Nothing like being home!

Xanatos is home! He’s all smiles. Ok, smirks.

Owen’s pleased too. After welcoming the boss back, he shows the vid of Macbeth taking on the entire clan. Xanatos is impressed. They have a “new player in the game”! That’s what this is to him, a diversion. It’s a pro game, though. He’ll profit from it, make no mistake.


VHS, baby!

The implications of Macbeth, much less his story, will wait. Right now, Xanatos is just glad to be home sweet home.

While I haven’t been forcibly removed from my home, I do spend months away on work. There’s nothing like coming home after many a month away! All your stuff is there, right where you want it. You can kick back – or get to work, as you like. It’s your home, your castle. Literally, for Xanatos! Yes, you can make a home anywhere, but having your own space is priceless.

I love how the writers included this homecoming scene. It helps us understand Xanatos. It humanizes him. So often antagonists/villains are presented with only one dimension. We don’t know what real, non-antagonist-related interests they have. They seem flat because we don’t know what makes them smile, or warms their hearts, or what they long for.

What does Xanatos consider making a home? I assume home is where the power and freedom are. He has control here. People know and respect him. He can execute his plans with ease, as all his resources are here. Basically, he can do whatever he wants. He can eat whatever he wants too!

20/20 moment / According to Greg: On the afternoon of the 4th, David goes to Gen-U-Tech to check on the status of his pet project. Hah, nice pun, eh? Thailog is coming along nicely.

Bland Head Canon: David made numerous contacts while in jail, furthering his influence in ways previously unavailable to him. While Elisa meant the incarceration for punishment, he turned it into an asset.


All is right with the world again for House Xanatos.

Time for a Change


Nice segue.

At the clock tower, the clan’s new home, the gargs check out their options. They’ll have to get furnishings. They’ll also need TV and cable. I dunno how they’re going to run cable up there. Elisa will figure it out. It’s definitely a downgrade from the castle. But that’s what you get when you tangle with the castle’s legal owner.


We’re gonna be seeing a lot of this place.

Final Thoughts

Macbeth is older but in peak physical shape. He’s also wealthy with a healthy interest in history. As for combat skills, he’s wicked good. He’s gutsy enough to take on a whole clan of gargoyles alone, too! Yet he’s always polite and respectful toward people. While he might put you in the dirt, you’ll understand why, and you’ll probably feel obligated to say “thank you” and “sir” afterward. I’m looking forward to more episodes with him. There’s a lot to explore with this antagonist.

And Xanatos is home! Not that being in jail stopped any of his plans, but now he can take the hands-on role he loves so much. Nothing better than an antagonist or villain who leads from the front. Brains and brawn. It’ll be interesting to see how he’s changed since October ’94.

Ooh, new home for the gargs. It was a bit of irony that in this ep: an antagonist loses his home and so do the protags. In the tag ending, a main antagonist regains his rightful home. How often do you see that in Western animated series?

Living in the clock tower will come with its own set of challenges. It’s gonna take getting used to. It’s going to be dangerous, too, living that close to a population they need to stay hidden from.

Stay tuned for the next ep, one of my all-time faves! Do you have…The Edge?

What did you think of the ep? What did you think about Macbeth? Where you surprised to see the protags move? Comment!

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