Gargoyles Clan-Building – Chapter Two: “The Journey” Review

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The Quarrymen continue to hunt Goliath and Elisa. Meanwhile, Macbeth and ADA Margot argue over the gargoyles while on live TV. And in the Eyrie Building, House Xanatos and the gargoyles are adjusting to living with each other. We’re reviewing the second comic in the series.

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Spoilers are in the 20/20 moments. Info from Ask Greg is in the According to Greg bits. 

Gargoyles Clan-Building: Chapter Two: “The Journey”

Reason(s) for existence: To fill new readers in on the gargoyles’ story so far.

Main antagonist(s): Quarrymen

Time(s):  October 29th, 1996

Location(s):  New York City, New York, USA

We continue the comic series with chapter 2, The Journey. Yes, it’s the same name as the episode.

The cover is quite nice. Lots of action and detail. Check out her dress, which I like better than the one in the TV series. The edge is torn, where she ripped off a piece to use as a bandage for Goliath’s wing.

According to Greg: They used the existing material from the show as a segue for new readers or for viewers who had forgotten what went on in the series.

Hudson is settling down to watch the rest of Nightwatch. There is a debate between Lennox Macduff (Macbeth) and Margot Yale, the assistant district attorney. She’s also advisor to the NYPD gargoyle task force. Too bad for them.

I want to read Macbeth’s book.

Macbeth is saying they should reach out to the gargoyles and be tolerant. Margot thinks the opposite, since she has “seen these beasts up close.” Ah, if she only knew Macbeth’s history.

slg gargoyles - clan building 2 - goliath climbs

I think we know who the real beasts are. The  debate was a great way of highlighting what people think about the gargs.

While she drones on about how they’re “monsters” and “the most dangerous creatures on the face of the Earth,” Goliath and Elisa are tumbling from the sky after a bullet clips his wing. It’s a lot easier to see in this version, since there’s blood, why he’s making a gravity check.

slg gargoyles - clan building 2 - goliath fallen

That wing is definitely broken. Check out the Eyrie Building’s reflection in the blood.

Margot and Macbeth continue arguing. Macbeth says the gargs are not a danger, but she argues we can’t take any chances until every one of the gargoyles has been captured. After all, the children aren’t safe!

The next scene is done far better here than in the series: We’ve got a view From Bronx’s perspective of Alex’s back, and the situation looks pretty scary at first. Until the “doggie” starts licking the kid.

slg gargoyles - clan building 2 - alex bronx

The chiiiiildreeeeen!

Then Lex comes and picks him up. I still get a kick out of the fact that Lex and Alex have similar names.

Fox is watching, and she suggests that they have a fresh start. Due to the way Titania’s scheme went in The Gathering, Fox didn’t need to be convinced that the gargoyles were worthy of returning to the castle.

Lex agrees to give the woman he formerly held a massive grudge against a fresh start. Pretty mature of him. And of Fox, too, since it’s the closest thing to an apology you’ll get.

slg gargoyles - clan building 2 - xanatos family owen lex

I’m considering some of these illustrations to be like the kuwaii or cartoony scenes in anime, where they denote a light-hearted or humorous mood.

Xanatos is a few feet away, watching from the doorway.

As in the series, Owen approaches his boss and alerts him of a phone call from Mr. Duvall of the Illuminati. Xanatos says he’ll return it later, even though he knows this is not a wise idea. At the moment, he’d rather have time with his son.

slg gargoyles - clan building 2 - owen xanatos

It’s nice to see him putting his family first. (Take that, Petros!)

Goliath and Elisa are making their way slowly, since they can’t fly.

Macbeth and Margot continue fighting.

We get the same scene in the library with Angela and Broadway as we did from the TV series. It’s just as heartbreaking for poor Brooklyn.

slg gargoyles - clan building 2 - brooklyn

Hang in there, buddy. Your time will come.

Elisa and Goliath return to the Clock Tower. It’s still in ruins. As they reach the shelter of its crumbling top, the Quarrymen roar up. They’re loaded for boar. John Castaway drags Vinnie along.

slg gargoyles - clan building 2 - quarrymen

The hood, an excuse to totally go off the rails.

slg gargoyles - clan building 2 - lighting quarrymen

The lighting is something to behold.

There’s a nice fight scene, where despite some good work by the protagonists, Elisa gets tased. And so does Goliath.

slg gargoyles - clan building 2 - john goliath


True to the episode, Vinnie stands up for his beliefs, challenging Castaway’s desire to take out Elisa and Goliath.

slg gargoyles - clan building 2 - vinnie castaway

Vinnie knows he’s in over his head now.

I don’t think we give Vinnie enough credit. Numerous experiments and studies have shown that it is quite difficult to buck the system, especially when someone of authority is telling you to do something, or at least telling you it’s okay. It’s even harder when that someone is threatening you.

slg gargoyles - clan building 2 - vinnie tased

It’s a tase-fest here!

Vinnie gets tased for his courage, but this gives Goliath the chance he needs to disarm the former Hunter, Jon Canmore. Here, Goliath takes the gun, leaving the hammer. In the show, G took the hammer. Also, John takes a header off the edge of the building. But he manages to catch the rope ladder on the helicopter that’s ascending. It’s an interesting move, considering that if you fall toward the top of the helicopter, you fall into the blades before you get to where you can grab the ladder. But whatever, maybe it’s coming up sideways. I don’t know.

slg gargoyles - clan building 2 - goliath vs castaway

A little more than you bargained for, mate?

Vinnie approaches Goliath and apologizes for throwing the pie at him. He also warns the G to be more careful. Then the new hero departs, his work done.

Goliath says he’s been frustrated waiting for his clan to arrive at some kind of final destination but that life is about the discoveries made on the journey itself. He has no regrets about the road he’s taken. Elisa agrees.

slg gargoyles - clan building 2 - goliath elisa moon eyrie

But it would be boring if everything went smoothly. …At least for us viewers.

Isn’t that everybody’s life, though? “It’s just one thing after another.” The second you get your ducks in a row, they migrate.

On Nightwatch, the argument is getting heated. Macbeth is yelling that they burned witches like Margot in the Middle Ages. And he would know. Margot says he’s living in a fantasy world. Oh, I love the meta moments.

As Travis bids the city good night, Hudson switches off the TV.

Final Thoughts

On the last page, there’s comments from Greg, as usual. It’s called Etched in Stone. According to Greg, comic #3 will be coming out, and it will have new stories. He also pimps the Gathering, the convention of gargoyle fans. I never got to go to one. I’m sad about that to this day. I wish they’d have another, a reunion one. But that’s probably not going to happen. He also gives a call for readers to buy the TV series’s DVDs. I’ve bought them, and so should you.

Tune in Tuesday for some Halloween action. You’ll see a few old faces we hoped wouldn’t resurface.

Thoughts? Comment!

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