Gargoyles: Avalon – Episode Review Continued

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Princes Katherine and her gang, along with 36 gargoyle eggs, think they’ve found safety at her uncle’s castle. But a usurper has other ideas. A Game of Thrones style of soap opera develops as soon as our protags walk in. Kenneth loves a noblewoman named Finella, but she loves Constantine, a rival to the king. Constantine loves power, which leads him to use her. Constantine kills the king and assumes the crown. He’s no fan of gargoyle eggs, either. His greatest scheme, though, is to marry Katherine against her will. It’s up to Magus, Tom, and Mary to save the day. But it comes at a steep price.

Catch up on the Avalon part one episode review.

Nice Guys Finish Last

Maol warns his father about Constantine’s disloyalty, but Kenneth is all about giving people chances. “Be nice,” he says. “Constantine is a good boy who’s lacked your privileges.” So what? He’s a corrupt man who wants to usurp the throne.

Disney Gargoyles - Avalon part 1 - constantine, ken, maol

Maol knows what’s up. How does a king last on the middle ages when he lets his rivals run free?

Constantine hits on Katherine. There’s one reason: marrying her would give him claim to the throne.

Disney Gargoyles - Avalon part 1 - constantine hits on katherine

Look at that skeevy bugger. He’s worse than Dracon.

Finella is not pleased. He smooths things over by saying it’s time they tell Ken they want to marry. Kenneth has already proposed to her, but though he’s “sweet and kind,” she doesn’t love him. Um, last I checked, most women back then would have been overjoyed to marry an old king who was sweet, kind, and loved them, since most royal marriages were arranged and for the sole purpose of consolidating and/or gaining power.

Disney Gargoyles - Avalon part 1 - finella gets sweet talked

He’s playing his Disney Villain role to the hilt!

At Constantine’s request, Finella invites Kenneth to the drying house so they can all discuss how she doesn’t love him but does love Constantine. She’s thrilled, because she thinks this will finally bring her and Con together.

Tom climbs onto the roof and looks in through the smoke vent. He sees Constantine murder Kenneth in cold blood. Unlike Bran Stark, though, he doesn’t fall. Do you want to start seeing three-eyed crows? Cuz this is how we three-eyed crow visions.

Disney Gargoyles - Avalon part 1 - constantine kills ken

That’s Finella in the background. She’s screwed now. Her BF is a murderer who’s just using her, and the king who loved her is dead.

Disney Gargoyles - Avalon part 1 - constantine breaks 4th wall

Constantine proclaims himself king, and as king, uses his right to break the fourth wall.

Constantine immediately pushes through his rebellion and takes the throne. He imprisons anybody not on his side, including Kat. Unlike Kenneth, he knows you can’t let rivals run rampant. If you have to strike, make it so effective that your enemy doesn’t get back up. Cuz if they do, they’re going to be severely pissed off.

Run Away!

Katherine’s cousin, Ken’s son, wants Katherine to run away with him and the others. She says Con will hunt her down. Besides that, the eggs need tending. Maol leaves.

Disney Gargoyles - Avalon part 1 - magus and maol

Tom’s asleep, not dead. Also, note that Jeff Bennett voices both Maol and Magus here.

She tries to send Magus, Tom, and Mary away, but they refuse. Magus is loyal to his princess even though now she is without title and holdings.

Disney Gargoyles - Avalon part 1 - magus and katherine

┬áHe loves her, it’s obvious.

Disney Gargoyles - Avalon part 1 - magus and katherine hold hands

They make a nice couple.

After Constantine is crowned, he announces that he’s going to marry Katherine on Michaelmas. There are 36 good reasons for her to obey him. Finella, the jilted lover, is a woman scorned. Constantine may know how to murder his way to power, but he doesn’t know the first thing about women. He underestimates her seriously.

Disney Gargoyles - Avalon part 1 - constantine grabs kat

Such a romantic is Constantine! Props for the strategy, though.

How to save her and the eggs? Magus is smart. He uses his magic to disguise the eggs as garbage, then sends Tom out with them. A moment later, Constantine arrives to threaten them, or rather reiterate his threat against them if Kat doesn’t marry him.

The spell:

Per usum meum adsumate signo tuto uto care.

Meaning, “Through my skill recieve this protective sign (or spell) to use, o precious ones.”

Disney Gargoyles - Avalon part 1 - eggs turn to pots

Mid transformation. That’s a lot of pots. Clumsy kitchen serfs!

Setting Sail

Then Magus really thinks outside the box: if Constantine is going to hunt Katherine to the ends of the earth for not obeying, they need to go beyond them. Thus, the magical isle of Avalon is their only hope. The Grimorum holds the spell to access it.

Disney Gargoyles - Avalon part 1 - magus in skiff


The pissed off Finella helps them by drugging Constantine with magic sleeping cider. Seriously, he really needs to stop underestimating women.

Disney Gargoyles - Avalon part 1 - constantine and finella drink

When in doubt, pinky out! …I’m not sure why they didn’t just kill him. He’s a murderer, after all.

The skiff trip goes well until they reach the border of Avalon. Then from the fog materializes a boat with the Weird Sisters aboard. They will block the way from mortals. Oberon made them guardians, they say. No outside magic may enter, meaning Magus can’t bring the Grimorum Arcanorum in.

Tom argues.

They decide the human’s screeching is like barn owls’, so the Sisters launch a transfiguration spell at them, after saying the mortals’ lives are meaningless.

Disney Gargoyles - Avalon part 1 - magus vs weird sisters

Disney green magic = bad.

Magus comes through again! He turns the spell back on them. It’s interesting that human and fey magic are compatible. Energy is energy, huh.

Disney Gargoyles - Avalon part 1 - magus turns spell back on sisters

Book shield, activate!

Per usum meum dira te rectus volutare (or volare).

Meaning, Through my skill twist back the curse directly on you.

Disney Gargoyles - Avalon part 1 - weird sisters as owls

Don’t you just hate it when you try to turn somebody into an owl and they reflect the spell back on you? Awkward.

He’s unwilling to leave the source of his power behind, so he decides to bid farewell to Katherine. Well, Princess has other ideas. His magic doesn’t matter to her. Mary and Finella will mind the Grimorum and keep it out of the wrong hands.

Disney Gargoyles - Avalon part 1 - magus and katherine on skiff

Just as he doesn’t care about her noble titles, she doesn’t care that he’s without his spells.

Tom wants to go with his mom, but she says he won’t be safe, because he saw Ken’s murder at Constantine’s hands. So she leaves her son, just as the gargoyles left their eggs, to Katherine and Magus to raise.

Disney Gargoyles - Avalon part 1 - mary says goodbye to tom

This is one of the saddest scenes in the series.

Disney Gargoyles - Avalon part 1 - crying tom


Land Ho!

This brings us up to speed on the protags. Just in time, too, because they’re landing at Avalon. Tom says the Archmage is laying siege to the island. Goliath points out that the mage is dead. “Nevertheless,” he’s a threat. So is he a lich? How did he survive the fall down the grotto?

Bronx bounds off the skiff. He’s found the “eggs.” They’re hatched. And grown.

Disney Gargoyles - Avalon part 1 - angela first look

Well, what did you expect? They’d still be eggs?

Final Thoughts

Constantine is a one-dimensional villain with a one-track mind. That doesn’t make him any less dangerous or effective, though. He overthrew the kingdom in short order. He knew to use the eggs against Kat. He moved with conviction and ruthlessness that secured his victory. Props for that. But I don’t find him that interesting. He’s the standard usurper who overthrows the ruler.

This episode is mainly about bringing the protags up to speed. We haven’t even seen the Archmage yet, and he’s the main villain of this triptych. It’s nice to see the Weird Sisters again, though. Wonder if they’ll do more later? I’m assuming yes, and Mac and Demona will be there too, if the preview’s any indication.

I’m glad we get to see more Magus. I like him.

Next ep is Avalon part 2. We get a tour of history with the villains and see how the Archmage survived that fall into the grotto. Hint: There’s some heavy magic involved and some mind bending maneuvers. Come back Tuesday!

Thoughts? Comment!

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One comment on “Gargoyles: Avalon – Episode Review Continued
  1. GregXB says:

    Constantine, Kenneth, and Maol Chalvim were all historical figures… and we get a follow up on them in the comics. Maol, like Constantine, was also a power hungry bastard… and the grandfather of Macbeth and Duncan (and he favored Duncan).

    While I do like the comparison between Constantine and Dracon, where Constantine succeeds is genuine intimidation. Here, and especially Clan Building.

    Ever read “Once Upon a Time There Were Three Brothers”?

    Also, “Constantine’s sorcerer” whom the Magus mentioned may or may not be one of the leaders of the Illuminati. Good stuff.

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