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♦ What do we do and why should you care?

This is a blog about villains. We study villains, antagonists, and the darker side to find traits, tactics, and strategies that help you succeed in life. If a Bad Guy has ever intrigued you, even just a little, you’re in the right place. If you haven’t, we’re betting you’ll change your mind after you browse our blog posts (the technical term is “research reports”). Read our Manifesto and Mission Statement for more details.

♦ How do we do it?

We’re not condoning villains’ actions, but we see the useful, aspects in villainous life natures. Leveraging the darkness is our aim. Light out of shadow. Good out of evil.

♦ Who are these geniuses?

I’m LC Champlin, the lead researcher here at VLN Research. Assisting me is a team of dedicated VLN researchers. I do most of the heavy lifting around here, but don’t tell them that.

♦ When did we start this research?

VLN Research was founded on October 31st, 2015. An auspicious date, yes. My study of villains began before I can remember. I majored in Villainology and Antagonist Sciences at the University of South Florida. One of those statements is false.

♦ Where are we?

Our headquarters is situated one pond north of the Legion of Doom Hall in the Slaughter Swamp area. To be less precise, we’re located in west-central Florida.

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  • ♦ Links to social media accounts?

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  • ♦ How can I subscribe to your website’s content?

Be part of our research team: join the Research Team and get our free email newsletter.

  • ♦ How often do you send email newsletters?

When we feel like it. We don’t spam.

  • ♦ How can I engage with your site even more?

If you want to do more than sit back and read our reports, you can submit a report of your own, a villain “score matrix,” or an item you think is relative to our interests. You can also write your own Gargoyles episode review.

You can also ask questions and comment on reports. Comments and questions help us make the best content for you by your interests.

  • ♦ What can I expect in return by working with you?

The satisfaction of helping others live better lives. And your name in lights on the post with a link to your site.

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  • ♦ Organizations of interest:

GenUTech, Umbrella Corporation, Aperture Laboratories, Capsule Corporation