Month: December 2017

Gargoyles: Possession – Episode Review Continued

Soul swapping is never simple, and managing souls that don’t have bodies is no different. With Iago in Brooklyn, Desdemona in Angela, and Othello in Broadway, we’ve got a mess to fix. Plus, there are a few other souls floating around: Alex and Puck. Who’s going to sort this out? Leave that to the trickster fey and the 3-month-old Alex. Today’s episode is brought to you by subterfuge!

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Gargoyles: Possession – Episode Review

Xanatos wants to thank the clan for saving his son. What better thank-you than sorting out the three souls in Coldstone’s body? Problem is, Xanatos and Demona created Coldstone through science and sorcery. It will take science and sorcery again to sort out the souls. Without Demona, Xanatos doesn’t have any magic users at his disposal, though. Or does he? The answer is much closer than he thinks.

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Gargoyles: The Reckoning – Episode Review Continued

Thailog, Demona, and Fang lead Talon and the clan into a trap. It’s not the trap that our heroes expected, though. No, they’re about to walk into way more than they bargained for. They’ll see themselves in a new light. See, Thailog and Demona, with the help of Sevarius, have created clones of the clan. Will they be a match for themselves? And will blood ties be strong enough to change hearts?

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