Month: October 2017

Behold Darkness released today!

If you enjoy my snarky style here on VLN Research, check out my new book! The main characters have more than a passing resemblance to my favorite Gargoyles boys, Xanatos and Owen.

Terrorists in San Francisco unleash a plague that turns people into mindless cannibals. Can two antiheroes outwit the attack’s mastermind? Find out for only $0.99! Action, zombies, gore, and intrigue, all for less than a PSL.

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Gargoyles: Cloud Fathers – Episode Review Continued

David Xanatos threatens to destroy an Indian sand carving, but it’s really an elaborate trap for the trickster Coyote, a fey. Why? Immortality, of course. Ignoring previous setbacks in this goal (turning the city to stone, turning his right-hand man’s left hand to stone…), he forges on. Besides facing Xanatos, Goliath and Co will also have to fight the new and improved robot Coyote 4.o. Its magic-imbued iron claws are the least of their worries, though. With all his advantages, will Xanatos finally achieve immortality?

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Gargoyles: Cloud Fathers – Episode Review

It’s Xanatos vs the Maza family today. Rather, they’re sticking their noses in his business again and reaping the consequences. But what is his business? Supposedly he’s about to wipe out an Indian sand carving. But why? Wouldn’t you like to know.

There are plenty of mysteries in this ep: a tornado with a coyote’s face tosses Xanatos Construction’s ‘dozers, a security guard looks exactly like a young Peter Maza, Xanatos hunts said security guard… There’s more at play and at stake than meets the eye.

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Gargoyles: Bushido – Episode Review

Manhattan isn’t the only city with a gargoyles clan guarding it. And the Manhattan Clan aren’t the only gargoyles having issues with a businessman who’s taken an interest in them. In a small town in Japan, theme-park developer Taro is obsessed with making a gargoyles-based Disneyland – whether the gargoyles want to be part of it or not. While one of the clan likes the idea, the rest aren’t so thrilled. How will Goliath and Co’s arrival change the situation?

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