Month: May 2016

The Many Faces of Disney Villains – Pictures!

Sleeping Beauty - Maleficent - dragon rising

Disney is known for its beautiful artwork and fluid character designs. There are few cinematic experiences as impressive to the eyes as a Disney production. The Disney villains are no exception. Black, red, purple, green, blue – it’s like a rainbow of evil! I thought it would be interesting to take a peek at other artists’ renderings of these iconic villains. These artists appreciate villains as much as we do, and that in itself is a beautiful thing.

Consider this Disney Villain Art Appreciation.

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Shoutout to Disney Villain Henchmen

Cruella De Vil 101 Dalmatians mad at henchmen

The spotlight’s normally on the Big, Bad Villain, and rightly so. They’re the one the hero fights and fears. They’re the brains behind the operation. But who executes those evil schemes? Few villains do their own dirty work. That’s right, the work falls to the henchmen. The cronies’ competence can range from insta-fail to impressive, though usually they’re a mix of incompetence and comedic relief. The majority of the time, it’s thanks to their mistakes that the hero stands a chance. Only after facing down the assorted henchmen is the protagonist ready for the Boss Battle.
It’s about time the henchman received a bit of appreciation.

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Disney Villains: Learning from the Seven Deadly Sins

Demona from Disney's Gargoyles

While villains have a lot of positive aspects, they also have a lot of flaws. Keeping with our theme of Disney villains this month, we’re going to look at the worst flaws of all, the Seven Deadly Sins. Guess who’s helping us? That’s right, seven guests you’ll recognize.

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Disney Villain of the Week: Cruella de Vil teaches project planning

Cruella De Vil 101 Dalmatians

A villain just isn’t a villain without an Evil Plot. While plot aims differ – from taking over the world to making the hero’s life a nightmare – every good scheme follows the same process.
A favorite Disney villain of mine and of many people is that Mistress of Fashion, that Devil in Furs, Cruella De Vil from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians (1961)*! She’s got evil henchmen. She’s got an evil lair (Hell Hall). And she’s got an evil plot: In the pursuit of high fashion, she wants to create the ultimate fur coat.

Her plan is very detailed and has many components. In 101 Dalmatians, there isn’t any advanced technology or magic to use, so she has to pull off her plan through normal channels. These factors are why she’s a great model for project planning. (Fun fact: there’s actually a profession called Project Manager. Worth looking into if you enjoy organizing, leading, and planning.)

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Disney Villain of the Week: Maleficent, teaching us to succeed

It’s May all month! If Florida that means you have about 3 weeks to get to Disney World before the hordes of screaming children, ankle-slamming strollers, and lobster-red tourists sweep down upon the Park. The weather doesn’t get any cooler from here out either. In honor of this sacred time, we’ll be looking at a sample of Disney’s iconic villains.
What you can expect:

More variety; more evil; and most importantly, more pictures!

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