Month: April 2016

Understanding the Joker: How he can help us succeed in life

Joker Batman Animated Series Hello Joker

What is it about Joker that makes him so fascinating? If we met him in real life, we’d be terrified. If you’re a normal Gothamite, you’re probably not in much danger, other than when he conducts his mass-casualty attacks or threatens the city in general. If you attract his individual attention, though, you can’t be sure what you’re in for. He might kill you, he might not. When he takes a hostage, it’s either to teach the person a lesson/kill them, such as when he kidnapped Mayor Hill after the politician offended Joker, or to lure Batman into another “game.” This unpredictability makes him a villain you don’t want to cross.

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Villain Matrix Stats: Joker – Batman: the Animated Series

Joker Villain Matrix stats Batman the Animated Series

Let’s see how Joker stacks up in the Villain Matrix score. We’re going into more detail on the scoring this time, Change is good,.

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How to be Villainously Positive: 18 ways with the Joker

Villains and antagonists are some of the most persistent people around. Being so tenacious requires a high level of positivity in their outlook. They might get defeated at least partially in every encounter with the hero/protagonist, but any antagonist worth the title will come back swinging. Protagonists might have moments of doubt and despair, but not so the villain. Sounds like a good way to be, no? Let’s take a look at how to be positive the way the antagonists do it. Helping us will be the Joker from Batman: The Animated Series.

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Villainous Resilience: 15 Ways to bounce back like the Joker

Joker Card resilience

How was your April Fool’s day? No broken bones? No emergency room visits? Great! But so you’re prepared for next year’s AF day, we’re going to study how to be more resilient. Who better to help us than the King of Clowns, the Lord of Laughs, the Joker! He’s like those Bozo the Clown bunching bags that keep bouncing back up no matter how many times you knock ’em down.

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Welcome to HRO Research

batman hero

After much thought and research, we’ve decided to change our name to HRO Research, which stands for Heroic Respectable Objectives Research. This will reflect our shift toward focusing on heroes rather than villain/antagonists. Heroes exhibit virtues that are noble and admirable. Where a villain will find the most effective route, the hero will take the most upstanding path, even if it kills them.

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